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A Detailed Laravel Developer Hourly Rate Guide in 2023

The average hourly compensation for a Laravel Developer in the United States stands at $59.72. Data from ZipRecruiter suggests a broader wage distribution, where most Laravel Developers earn between $49.52, which represents the 25th percentile, and $68.99, marking the 75th percentile. This indicates a variance in compensation across different experience levels and regions within the country.

In this blog post, we will explore the hourly wage landscape for developers who specialize in Laravel, a popular PHP framework. We’ll dissect how factors like experience, geographic location, and prevailing market demands can influence the hourly rates of Laravel developers. Whether you’re just starting your career in Laravel development or are an experienced professional, this guide will provide you with insightful information on what you can expect to earn on an hourly basis. It is important to be aware of the current rates for the skill before you start to hire Laravel developers for your project. Join us as we navigate through the nuances of Laravel developer compensation.

Laravel Developer Hourly Rates Across Experience Levels

Based on the data collected from Glassdoor, the hourly rates for Laravel developers can vary depending on the level of experience. Entry-Level developers, with 0-1 year of experience, can expect hourly earnings between $36.05 and $58.17. Those with 1-3 years of experience see a small increase, with rates from $37.98 to $62.98. Mid-level developers with 4-6 years and 7-9 years of experience earn from $40.86 to $66.82 and $42.30 to $69.71 per hour, respectively.

Highly experienced developers, those with 10-12 years and 13-15 years of experience, earn between $44.23-$71.63 and $46.13-$75.96 per hour. Seasoned professionals with over 16 years of experience command the highest rates, ranging from $50.28 to $94.23 per hour.

This data clarifies that a Laravel developer’s hourly rate generally increases with experience, mirroring trends in the broader tech industry. However, remember that these rates can change based on geographical location, educational background, and project complexity. Hence, as you prepare to hire Laravel developers, make sure to take these data into account to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Below are the hourly rates for Laravel developers according to ZipRecruiter:

laravel dev hourly rates ziprecruiter

Location-Based Laravel Developer Hourly Rates

The following are the estimated average hourly rates for freelance and full-time employed Laravel developers by location. The differences in these rates can be attributed to several factors. 

Freelance developers tend to charge more due to the nature of their employment, which often involves managing their own taxes, insurance, and work-related expenses. On the other hand, full-time employees receive benefits like health insurance, paid leave, and job security, which can justify lower hourly rates. 

Freelance Laravel developers from North America command the highest hourly rates on average, ranging from $60 to $120. This is likely due to the high cost of living and the high demand for skilled developers in this region. Meanwhile, in Western Europe and Australia, freelance Laravel developers also command high rates, although slightly less than their North American counterparts, ranging from $50-$110 and $40-$100, respectively. Developers from Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe tend to charge affordable rates due to cost of living differences and market conditions, with ranges between $20-$60, $25-$70, and $30-$80 respectively.

The hourly rates of full-time Laravel developers are relatively lower. In North America, full-time Laravel developers earn between $50 and $85 per hour on average. In Western Europe, they can expect to earn between $35 and $70, while in Australia, rates range from $20 to $60. In Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe, full-time Laravel developers can expect to earn between $10-$30, $15-$40, and $15-$50 per hour respectively.

Statistics from suggest that even in the United States, the salary obtained by Laravel developers varies according to the state. The highest salary is obtained by developers in New York followed by developers in Massachusetts, California, Maryland, Washington, Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, and Pennsylvania coming in tenth place.

Further, details that in the United States, the average hourly rate for a Laravel developer is $52.88 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $45.97 per hour, while the most experienced workers can earn up to $70.31 per hour.

laravel dev hourly rates

Comparing Laravel Developer Hourly Rates with Other PHP Frameworks

The hourly rates of developers’ proficiency in different PHP frameworks can significantly vary according to the complexity and popularity of each framework. Let’s take a closer look at the average global hourly rates for developers specializing in a variety of PHP frameworks.

Symfony developers command $62.43 of a similar average hourly rate to Laravel developers, reflecting the strong and enterprise-level features that Symfony offers. Other heavyweight PHP frameworks, such as CakePHP and Zend, tend to have affordable average hourly rates at $50.40 and $50.36 respectively, while Yii sits at an intermediate level with an average rate of $54.21.

Meanwhile, developers specialized in Phalcon and CodeIgniter command rates, averaging $48.13 and $47.42 per hour. Developers working with the more minimalist and lightweight frameworks like Fat-Free, Lumen, PHPixie, and Flight tend to have lower rates, with Fat-Free at $35.24, Lumen at $32.14, PHPixie at $36.41, and Flight at $43.45.

Laravel Developer Hourly Rates Against Other Technologies

Let’s compare the average hourly rates of Laravel developers to those of developers specialized in other main technologies. Remember, these figures are global averages and can vary based on various factors.

Comparatively, Laravel developers have higher average rates than those specializing in Angular, Vue.js, and React.js developers. Node.js developers, known for server-side application development, earn slightly less on average at $54 per hour, whereas Java developers earn comparable rates to Laravel at $60 per hour.

Interestingly, developers specializing in Python and Django, favored for data analysis and machine learning applications, earn higher rates at $68 and $67 per hour. Swift, primarily used for iOS and Mac application development, averages a little lower than Laravel at $59 per hour.

Among the compared technologies, Ruby on Rails commands the highest rate at $74 per hour, reflecting its wide usage in startup applications and ease of building complex applications.


This blog post offers a detailed exploration of the hourly earnings for developers skilled in the Laravel framework. It highlights how factors like experience, location, and market demand play a crucial role in determining hourly rates. This guide serves as a valuable tool for Laravel developers to assess their market value and for employers to ensure they are offering competitive rates, ultimately fostering a fair and dynamic job market in the field of Laravel development. You can check out our Laravel Developer Salary Guide to learn about the salary rates you can earn in the US and across the world. We bring you a complete Laravel Developer Hiring Guide along with the Laravel Developer Job Description and Laravel Interview Questions guide which will help you in the process of hiring a Shopify developer in 2023.

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