Top Websites to Hire Developers


Top 15 Sites to Hire PHP Developers

Are doubts creeping in about hiring PHP developers due to rumors of PHP losing its popularity? Rest assured, PHP is very much alive and thriving. Recent surveys underscore its robust position as the most utilized server-side programming language among web developers, with a staggering 79.2% of all websites incorporating PHP to varying degrees.


Top 15 Sites to Hire PHP Developers


Beyond dispelling uncertainties, this guide is not just an informative resource. It also unveils valuable insights on how to locate skilled PHP developers for your software development project. Moreover, it highlights the top 15 websites to hire PHP developers in 2023, ensuring you have the right tools to make informed decisions and build a successful development team. So, let’s explore the best places to hire PHP developers and propel your project to success.


1. CloudDevs – Top Picks



Sites to Hire PHP Developers - CloudDevs


With over 8000+ developers and designed all across Latin America, CloudDevs is a talent platform offering some prevetted elite talent in 24 hours. Developers match your timezone, and developers can be hired in three steps. You can tell your requirements and CloudDevs provides you a list of shortlisted developers and then you can receive a seven-day free trial. Hence, you can hire freelancers or direct recruits to your team. CloudDevs’ developers undergo a three-step vetting process, and this ensures that you receive the best talents for your software project. 

Pricing: PHP developers charge an hourly rate of $45 – $70, and developers can be hired within 24 hours. 


2. – Hire Top PHP developers - Hire Top PHP developers simplifies PHP developer hiring with a swift 13-day average time-to-hire. Boasting top-tier developers with 8+ years of experience, the platform offers flexible retainers starting at $5,000 per month, displaying transparent pricing upfront. A 20% fee applies for full-time placements, based on the negotiated first-year salary, payable upon starting work with the chosen candidate. Notably, 70% of engaged PHP developers have over a decade of experience, undergoing rigorous screening, including algorithmic assessments and live technical interviews. Around 100 developers join clients monthly out of 1,000 applicants, showcasing the platform’s commitment to skilled professionals.

Pricing: Developers can be hired within 2 weeks, and charges depend on the experience and seniority of the developer.


3. – Expert PHP Developers to Hire - Hire Top PHP developers


DevTeam.Space is dedicated to linking businesses with a team of dependable technical experts. What sets them apart is their cutting-edge AI-powered agile process, ensuring the success of your PHP project. Upon sharing project requirements and opting to hire PHP developers, an account manager grants access to communication channels, a dev server, and a dashboard for seamless coordination. DevTeam.Space handpicks top-tier PHP web developers, ensuring your project is handled by seasoned experts. Alongside PHP, skilled HTML, Javascript, and CSS developers are available for front-end needs, making it a one-stop platform for hiring Java PHP developers.

Pricing: You can request hiring and pricing information from the company. 


4. – Talented PHP Devs for Hire - Talented PHP Devs for Hire

Hired, a major marketplace for hiring developers competes with Upwork. Employers use its custom-matching software to find skilled software engineers. Hired’s algorithm emphasizes technical skills, enabling the hire of Java PHP developers based on merit. Free assessments and real-time programming challenges showcase developers’ capabilities. While employers need some technical experience for assessments, annual subscription costs are custom, and clarity requires a demo application. Hired remains a valuable platform for connecting with skilled developers.

Pricing: There are two pricing options: Pay Per Hire (15% of the first-year base salary) and Unlimited Hiring (custom annual subscription), and you can hire developers immediately according to availability.


5. Fiverr – Hire PHP Developers Online 


Fiverr - Hire Php Developers Online


Fiverr serves as an online marketplace for those looking to hire PHP developers and other specialists for their web development projects. However, the platform lacks a formal vetting process to verify the skills of the claimed programmers. On a positive note, Fiverr incorporates a rating system where clients evaluate the competence and professionalism of the hired programmers. Users can share reviews about their experiences with a programmer. To mitigate the risk of hiring an unsuitable PHP developer, it’s advisable to select a freelancer with a minimum 4-star rating and predominantly positive reviews. Despite generally being affordable, highly-rated programmers with extensive Fiverr experience typically command higher fees.

Pricing: Developers set their prices and developers can be hired immediately according to availability. 


6. Upwork – Freelance PHP Developers For Hire


Fiverr - Hire Php Developers Online


Upwork stands out as a major online freelance marketplace with millions of freelancers and numerous active jobs. For those looking to hire Java PHP developers, Upwork offers a straightforward process. Users can outline project details and specify if it’s part-time, contractual, or full-time. Proposals from PHP developers are then received, allowing employers to screen and interview candidates. Upwork’s Client Marketplace plan charges a 5% fee on payments, with a 3% discount for eligible U.S. clients using a checking account. The platform provides access to skilled PHP developers, though the extensive hiring process demands time and a basic understanding of the language.

Pricing: Developers set their hourly rates, and you can hire developers immediately.


7. Weworkremotely – Remote PHP Devs for Hire


Weworkremotely - Remote PHP Devs for Hire


We Work Remotely emerges as a premier platform for engaging and recruiting remote professionals. It distinguishes itself from freelance sites and conventional job boards, serving solely as a hub for remote job seekers and recruiters. The platform, not unlike other popular job boards, comes with a fee of $299 per ad. For enhanced visibility, including social media posts, Slack channel sharing, and featured email placement, three packages priced at $59, $89, and $139 are available. However, due to its higher cost, it’s advisable for those seeking to hire Java PHP developers for long-term, remote positions.

Pricing: Price depends on the seniority of the developer. Crafting a clear PHP Developer Job Description is crucial, while the inclusion of specific PHP Developer Interview Questions aids in evaluating candidates effectively. 


8. Toptal – Best Freelance PHP Developers 


Toptal emerges as a well-known freelancing platform offering a diverse pool of professionals, from financial advisors to software developers, creative designers, and project managers, including highly skilled PHP developers. Distinguishing itself from traditional freelancing platforms, Toptal enables users to curate a tailored team of experts selected to precisely meet specific project requirements. The platform extends to hiring developers for applications, facilitated by a rigorous vetting process that accepts only the “top 3% of freelance talent.” Explore/ Toptal to effortlessly hire Java and PHP developers for your projects.

Pricing: Toptal customizes the price according to the PHP project’s scope, and developers can be hired within 48 hours.


9. Working Nomads – Remote Jobs for PHP Developers


Working Nomads - Remote Jobs for PHP Developers


Established in 2014, Working Nomads has become a reliable hub for sourcing skilled talent, particularly in remote work scenarios. Similar to We Work Remotely, the platform emphasizes remote opportunities, aligning with its name. Despite not being free, Working Nomads stands out as a practical alternative to WWR for those looking to hire Java and PHP developers, showcasing the platform’s commitment to connecting businesses with proficient remote talent.

Pricing: It offers three packages, with the most affordable starting at $149, enabling the posting of one job (packages extend to $545 for five jobs).


10. – Find Freelance PHP Devs Online - Find Freelance PHP Devs Online


Freelancer, a well-established crowdsourcing platform, enables individuals to connect with experts for diverse projects. Hiring skilled PHP developers has never been easier—just a few clicks, and you can find professionals worldwide. The process is straightforward: create and post a job ad with project details, invite freelancers to bid, and choose based on your judgment and budget. To ensure security, payments to the hired PHP developers can be made through a protected channel. Freelancer simplifies the process of finding and hiring PHP developers, making it accessible and secure for various web application projects.

Pricing: You can pay upon completion and satisfaction for the developer’s design and you can hire any freelance developer who bids on your project.


11. – Find Expert Freelancers for Hire - Find Expert Freelancers for Hire

Guru, a lesser-known rival to platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr, boasts a user-friendly interface with over 2 million freelancers. Scaling a team of remote workers becomes effortless through this platform. A quick Google search reveals PHP web development companies and individual coders providing services at budget-friendly rates. Trusted by more than 800,000 employers globally, the platform allows free job postings to hire Java PHP developers and other professionals. Notably, their PHP developers are highly skilled, ensuring reliable and efficient service for employers seeking expertise in web development.

Pricing: You can hire developers under fixed pricing, hourly basis, task-based or recurring payment.


12. Saritasa – Top PHP Devs for Hire


Saritasa - Top PHP Devs for Hire


Saritasa, a California-based boutique software firm, excels in PHP web development, serving diverse clients nationwide for over 10 years. Specializing in medical, education, retail, finance, real estate, and logistics sectors, they offer tailored solutions with meticulous attention to detail. While their experienced team ensures a professional track record and secure production environment, being a boutique agency limits client capacity. Despite this, Saritasa stands out for those looking to hire Java PHP developers, offering expertise in back-end PHP development, project management, code review, custom PHP development, and reliable DevOps services.

Pricing: You can request a direct quote from the company. Here is a guide on PHP developers hourly rates to give you an idea of what to expect. 


13. Codementor – Hire the Best Freelance Developers


Codementor - Hire the Best Freelance Developers


Codementor is a hub where skilled developers gather, offering services for those seeking expertise. Among their talented pool are PHP developers who have written books, contributed to open-source projects, and worked at leading tech firms. If you’re looking to hire Java PHP developers, Codementor provides a platform to connect with seasoned professionals. Whether you need mentorship or PHP web product development, share your project details and find developers tailored to your requirements. The platform ensures secure payments, holding funds until project completion. While limited to software developers, Codementor stands out for its quick onboarding, verified talent, and user review filters.

Pricing: You can hire developers immediately and developers are paid according to hourly rates.


14. Ikayzo – Best PHP Devs Online


Ikayzo - Best PHP Devs Online


Ikayzo, a boutique web and mobile app development firm based in Hawaii, boasts a team of specialists, including highly skilled PHP developers. Irrespective of your industry—be it finance, fashion, pharmaceuticals, or hospitality—Ikayzo ensures the creation of dynamic, cross-platform websites tailored to your needs. Being a full-service company, Ikayzo manages all facets of software development, offering professional guidance to efficiently achieve your business goals. Their services encompass responsive website and web app development, along with expertise in application design, user experience design, 2D/3D illustration, and motion graphics. With an experienced team and a commitment to working within your budget, Ikayzo is a reliable choice when you’re looking to hire Java PHP developers.

Pricing: You can request a quote from the company.


15. Youteam – Skilled PHP Developers for Hire


Youteam - Skilled PHP Developers for Hire


YouTeam is a top choice for businesses looking to hire skilled PHP developers globally. With access to over 50,000 European and Latin American engineers, the platform streamlines the hiring process. Each PHP developer undergoes a rigorous vetting process, ensuring competence. Simply fill out a form with project details and budget, and YouTeam provides a list of matching freelancers. Key features include vetted freelancers with a minimum of three years of experience, pre-interviews to assess suitability, and a one-month free trial for selected candidates. It’s an efficient solution for companies seeking quality PHP developers.

Pricing: You can schedule a call with the company.




In conclusion, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of PHP programming requires a strategic approach when you hire PHP developers. Ensuring candidates are up-to-date with the latest advancements is paramount. However, sharing ideas during the hiring process, especially in remote scenarios, comes with inherent risks. The time constraints further complicate matters, making the arrangement and signing of NDAs challenging.


Thus, CloudDev’s PHP Developer Hiring Guide, coupled with insights into PHP Developer Annual Salary and hourly rates, equips employers with the tools to attract and secure top talent.

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