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The In-Depth Annual Guide to Python Developer Salaries

In the United States, the average annual salary for a Python developer is $121,071. The majority of these professionals earn between $97,500 and $139,000, representing the 25th to 75th percentiles. Notably, those in the top 10% of the pay scale earn as much as $148,500 annually.

To provide a comprehensive overview of Python developer salaries for those seeking to hire Python developers, we analyzed data from several sources, including the developer survey, Glassdoor, and Indeed. We focused on salary ranges for junior, mid-level, and senior Python developers in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, India, South America, and East Asia.

Salary Ranges

According to data available on Payscale, a Python Developer in the early stages of their career, with 1-4 years of experience, can expect to receive an average total compensation, including tips, bonuses, and overtime pay, of $81,737 based on 28 reported salaries. On the other hand, a Python Developer in the mid-career phase, possessing 5-9 years of experience, enjoys an average total compensation of $106,118 based on 15 reported salaries.

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Unmasking the Average Annual Salary for Python Developers

For Python developers, salary estimates vary significantly across different job platforms. ZipRecruiter and tend to offer higher salary estimates for all experience levels compared to other platforms. Glassdoor provides competitive estimates for senior developers, but its figures for junior and mid-level roles fall in the middle range.

Indeed stands out with a significantly higher estimate for senior developers compared to its counterparts. consistently gives the lower estimates for senior developers and remains in the mid-range for other roles.

Annual Earnings of Python Developers Country-Wise

According to Glassdoor, senior Python developers in the United States are expected to take home an average annual salary of $144,000. While on,  with data gathered from 10,000 salaries, the average annual salary for Python developers in the USA is $123,141, which equates to an hourly rate of $59.20. For those entering the field, starting positions typically offer an annual salary of $102,465, while the most seasoned professionals can earn as much as $156,000 annually.

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Python salary

Comparatively, senior Python devs based in LatAm regions the likes of Brazil are expected to bring home an average yearly income of $101,000. Just look at the Python developer salary data available on Indeed here:

Python dev salary brazil indeed

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CountryAverage Annual Salary (USD)
United States$121,071
United Kingdom$84,051

Among the countries listed, Python developers in the United States earn the highest average annual salary. Western European nations such as Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands offer competitive salaries, with Switzerland being the leading country in Europe. 

On the other hand, Eastern European countries like Poland and Ukraine have significantly lower average salaries for Python developers. Australia’s average is also noteworthy, closely following the U.S. Meanwhile, the average salary in India is the lowest among the countries mentioned.

How Developer Salaries Stack Up Across Top Programming Languages

Programming LanguageAverage Annual Salary (USD)
JavaScript$94,000 - $140,000
Java$99,000 - $131,000
PHP$91,500 - $120,500
C#$76,500 - $122,500
Swift$105,500 - $143,000
Golang$104,000 - $147,000
HTML/CSS$122,500 - $127,500
TypeScript$110,000 - $133,700
Kotlin$105,000 - $142,000
SQL$76,000 - $116,000
R$120,000 - $160,500

When comparing average annual salaries across various programming languages, R developers appear to command the highest potential earnings, closely followed by Golang. Languages like JavaScript, Python, Swift, Kotlin, and TypeScript also tend to offer competitive salary ranges that lean towards the higher end. On the other hand, languages like PHP, C#, and SQL have a broader range but can potentially offer lower salaries at the starting scale. Interestingly, HTML/CSS have a narrower salary range that leans higher than some of the other languages.

As you can see from the comparison table, Python developers earn salaries comparable to those of Java and JavaScript developers, and higher than those of PHP and Ruby developers. However, C# developers tend to earn slightly higher salaries than Python developers.


Python is a valuable skill that can lead to well-paying job opportunities in various industries. As our analysis shows, the salary ranges for Python developers vary based on seniority and geographical region. Senior Python developers in the United States earn the highest salaries, while junior Python developers in South America and East Asia earn the lowest salaries.

It’s important to note that these salary ranges are approximate and can vary based on various factors, such as company size, industry, years of experience, specific skills, and local cost of living.  If you prefer to hire a Python developer on a freelance or contract basis instead of heading for a full-time commitment, you may benefit from our Python developer hourly rates guide here.

Overall, Python developers have a bright future ahead of them, and the job market for this skill is only expected to grow in the coming years. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional, keep honing your skills and knowledge to stay competitive and secure a lucrative career in this exciting field.

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