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Best Sites to Hire Ruby Developers in 2024

Ruby stands out as a versatile and user-friendly option that has caught the attention of developers and businesses alike. With its clean and elegant syntax, Ruby simplifies the process of writing code, making it a favorite among those looking for a language that’s not only powerful but also a joy to work with. The popularity of Ruby has soared in recent years, and it has become a go-to choice for building innovative applications.

One notable aspect of Ruby is its readability, making the code easily comprehensible, especially for beginners in programming. This readability, however, doesn’t sacrifice its robust capabilities. Ruby is highly regarded for its flexibility and adeptness in managing diverse tasks. Whether you’re working on a modest website or a sophisticated application, Ruby seamlessly adjusts to your requirements. However, great freelance Ruby developers are hard to come by. If you’re looking to hire Ruby developers consider those who have the technical skills and are well versed in the Ruby javascript and rails framework and can leverage these advantages to build web apps to your requirements.


15 Websites to Hire Ruby Developers

As businesses increasingly recognize the potential of Ruby for software development, the need to hire Ruby developers is on the rise. Finding skilled developers who understand the intricacies of Ruby is crucial for success in software development projects which is why you should consider hiring Ruby developers. In this article, we will explore various platforms that offer opportunities to connect with proficient Ruby developers, making the process of building your digital solutions smoother and more effective.

We have curated the current top 15 websites where you can hire talented Ruby developers for your programming requirements in 2024.


1. CloudDevs – Hire Senior Ruby Developers, Pre-vetted, Time-zone Matched, within 24 Hours




CloudDevs is our first pick among the best websites to hire talented remote Ruby developers. This is a platform that provides access to a pool of over 8000 highly qualified senior developers carefully selected from your local timezone. Within 24 hours, you can hire a pre-vetted senior developer through CloudDevs, offering assurance in building web applications with expertise and ensuring smooth collaboration for timely project delivery.

For those looking to enhance their Ruby skills, CloudDevs offers a comprehensive guide on the best Ruby developer certifications and courses to kickstart your learning journey. Additionally, they provide insights into Ruby developer hourly rates, aiding in project cost planning when hiring Ruby developers.

CloudDevs stands out as a prominent developer platform specializing in sourcing developers from Latin America who align with your timezone, ensuring quick fulfillment in talent matching. What sets CloudDevs apart are their exceptional senior Ruby talent, the ability to hire a pre-screened software developer who possesses all the technical skills required, and their confidence to match you with the ideal Ruby developer for your app development requirements. Its unique policy allows clients to request a replacement or refund if they are not satisfied with the assigned developer.

Pricing: Hire Ruby developers from CloudDevs at the affordable rate of 45 to 70 USD per hour and have your ideal senior developers assigned within 24 hours. Get in touch for more details by booking your call here.

2. Unicorn Devs – Hire Remote Ruby Developers to Fit Your Business Needs

Unicorn.Dev specializes in providing experienced Ruby developers, among many other talents socializing in all programming languages adding an extra layer of expertise to your projects. A notable feature of Unicorn Devs is its commitment to consistent flat hourly rates, allowing you to plan and set a precise budget for your project.

The platform offers a globally distributed pool of talent, ensuring a daily overlap of 4 working hours. All Unicorn.Dev talents undergo a rigorous 5-step vetting process. What sets Unicorn Devs apart is the option to acquire talent directly. If you find a Ruby developer you would like to collaborate with, you have the flexibility to buy them off the platform.

Pricing: The pricing at Unicorn Dev is simple – they charge a flat rate of $40 per hour. You’ll get your developer assigned within 24 hours.

3. Upstack – Connecting You to Top Freelance Ruby Developer for Hire

UpStack is a platform that connects you with remote developers available for hire. They offer a carefully selected list of pre-screened senior talent, ensuring a good match for your company’s technical requirements and cultural values. UpStack also facilitates a risk-free, smooth onboarding process.

If you need to hire Ruby developers, UpStack can assist you in hiring skilled professionals from their vetted talent pool. They provide a curated list of pre-vetted Ruby developers, streamlining the hiring process for your specific needs and preferences.

Pricing: Upstack offers a simple billing model where each developer has a standard hourly rate averaging between $65-$75 per hour.

4. – Hire Elite Remote Developers from a World-class Network

Toptal positions itself as a confident global network featuring top-tier talent. With a rigorous selection process, only 3% of the approximately 100,000 yearly applicants become Toptal freelancers. The platform focuses on developers, designers, finance experts, project managers, and product managers. While offering a diverse range of 200 developer specialties, Toptal stands out for its ability to cater to super-specific niche requirements. you can hire a freelance Ruby developer through the platform who is highly skilled in the programming language with a deep understanding of the software development process to fulfill your project needs

Pricing: Toptal’s costs for Ruby developers are customized to meet the specific needs of each client and the project’s scope. Contact them for an accurate estimate before you hire Ruby Developers for your web development requirements.

5. Upwork – Best Freelance Ruby Developers & Programmers For Hire

Upwork has taken the fifth place in our list of top websites to hire Ruby developers in 2023. Founded in 2013 following the merger of Elance and oDesk, with over a decade of experience in the freelancer marketspace, Upwork has become a prominent player in the freelance marketplace, boasting an extensive talent pool of over 145,000 freelancers. This diverse community includes professionals like freelance Ruby developers, RoR developers with Ruby javascript backgrounds capable of addressing your company’s specific requirements. If your requirement is for freelance Ruby specialists for web apps and specific projects you can find Ruby developers on this platform. If you prefer to onboard a junior Ruby developer for debugging code and testing with just the basic knowledge of the Rails framework and other programming languages, this too is a possibility with Upwork webservices.

It’s crucial to note that Upwork places less emphasis on the vetting process for its freelancers and hence may not be the best place for top Ruby developers. Consequently, clients shoulder the responsibility of screening and ensuring quality. Before onboarding a Ruby developer from Upwork, it’s wise to conduct a technical interview that can screen the candidate for his tech stack, and overall knowledge of the Ruby programming language. Despite this, Upwork provides a dynamic platform where you can find Ruby programmers with varying levels of expertise. While clients need to invest time in the evaluation process, the platform offers flexibility in discovering developers that align with project complexity, budget constraints, and specific skill requirements.

In addition to Ruby developers, Upwork serves as a hub for finding professionals with different skill sets, making it a valuable resource for connecting with developers tailored to your unique project needs.

Pricing: The cost of the project is determined by the Ruby developer based on their expertise, location and seniority.

6. Gigster – Elite Dev Team for Ruby Project Development

Gigster is a platform designed to connect businesses with high-caliber tech talent for the development of digital transformation applications. Offering a spectrum of software development services, Gigster provides a fully-managed team of experts dedicated to ensuring the success of your project. With a track record of successfully delivering over 5,000 projects, Gigster boasts success rates more than 3.6 times greater than traditional IT projects. Utilizing Gigster’s platform enables you to tap into the top 1% of global talent, forming a carefully selected and fully-managed team that consistently delivers on project expectations.

When hiring Ruby developers through Gigster, keep in mind that what they offer is a fully managed product development team that will build your entire project built on the Ruby programming language from beginning to end.

Pricing:  Due to Gigster’s specialized project-based model, they offer a per-project minimum fee of $52,000.

7. Freelancer – Online Freelance Platform to Find Ruby Developers is an online platform that connects businesses with freelancers across a wide spectrum of job categories, spanning websites, IT, mobile, writing, design, data entry, engineering, product sourcing, sales, marketing, and more. The platform offers diverse services, including the examination of freelancers’ past work, obtaining cost estimates, making secure payments, and engaging with a vast community of skilled freelancers. With a global network exceeding 60 million freelancers, you can identify reliable professionals by assessing their work samples and reading profile reviews. serves as an exceptional hub for exploring and bidding on freelance jobs and projects across various fields. In addition to its diverse range of services, the platform is a valuable resource for discovering and collaborating with experienced Ruby developers skilled in the Ruby programming language who can contribute their expertise to your projects.

Pricing: At, they have a payment system that makes sure you only pay for the work after it’s done and meets your satisfaction. You can hire any freelance developer who bids on your project.

8. – Hire the Best Freelance Ruby Developers is an online platform dedicated to supporting software developers with a range of services. With a community of over 12,000 developers, the platform fosters growth through one-on-one mentorship in various technologies, including Python, JavaScript, Java, React, SQL, and more. offers live coding assistance, freelance project opportunities, and technical and career talks for developers. Additionally, provides the option for project-based freelance work making it a go-to site to hire Ruby developers for web development projects in 2023. For those specifically interested in Ruby development, offers access to skilled Ruby developers within its diverse community. Whether you need assistance with code reviews, feature implementation, or turning a concept into an MVP, is a valuable resource for connecting with experienced Ruby developers to meet your project requirements.

Pricing: A Ruby developer at Codementor is able to set their own rates according to the project, and you can hire developers right away.

9. People Per Hour – Hire Ruby Programming Language Freelancers

PeoplePerHour is an online platform facilitating the connection between businesses and freelancers, providing a diverse array of services such as building web applications, SEO, content writing, graphic design, and other web services amidst specialists in the Ruby programming language. With over 1 million registered freelancers, the platform has successfully completed more than 1 million projects. PeoplePerHour extends its services to include professionals skilled in Ruby development. This ensures that businesses can find experienced and proficient Ruby developers tailored to their project requirements, expanding the platform’s versatility and utility for a wide range of tasks making it a more convenient way to hire Ruby developers.

Pricing: Businesses utilizing PeoplePerHour can easily discover and hire freelancers for both hourly and project-based work across various categories, including technology, writing, design, and marketing. Users have the flexibility to explore freelancers’ profiles, ratings, reviews, and portfolios to identify the most suitable candidate for their project.

10. Turing – Hire Pre-vetted Ruby Developers Remotely

Turing stands out in global talent sourcing, providing companies access to an extensive tech talent network of over two million top developers across 150 countries. Rigorous vetting ensures that each developer possesses over three years of experience, and fluency in English, and successfully passes comprehensive testing and interviews. Turing excels in matching developers to projects, considering role-specific experience, tech stack, and seniority. The platform ensures HR and payment compliance, handling paperwork and payments. With automated on-the-job quality control, Turing guarantees timely and high-quality work. Additionally, their 24/7 support offers assistance beyond business hours, providing a comprehensive solution for companies seeking top-notch development talent.

Pricing: You can hire freelance developers without any upfront cost, and the fee is determined by the developer. You can negotiate the fee with the developer and hire them based on their availability.

11. CyberCoders – Dedicated Software Development Team for Ruby Developers

CyberCoders is a specialized recruitment firm dedicated to assisting individuals in securing both full-time and remote positions across various industries, offering desirable compensation, benefits, career advancement, and company culture. Leveraging a combination of trained recruiters and advanced algorithms, CyberCoders streamlines the recruitment process, ensuring candidates are placed efficiently and hassle-free.

For those specifically interested in Ruby development roles, CyberCoders provides tailored opportunities in this field. Their team of recruiters, equipped with industry expertise, collaborates with advanced algorithms to swiftly connect qualified candidates with rewarding positions in Ruby development. This dual approach enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process for individuals seeking roles in Ruby development through CyberCoders.

Pricing: Ruby developers on are paid according to hourly rates, and you can hire any available developer immediately.

12. Hirecoder – Hire Freelance Coders and Ruby  Programmers

HireCoder is a platform connecting businesses with freelance coders and programmers for all your web development requirements. With a network of over 120,000 coders, the platform allows businesses to engage in real-time video chats with coders before project allocation.

Additionally, HireCoder offers a specialized pool of skilled Ruby developers, ensuring that businesses have access to experienced professionals for their coding and programming needs. The platform facilitates seamless communication between businesses and Ruby developers, enhancing the hiring process.

Pricing: Developers at are paid according to hourly rates, and you can hire any freelance Ruby developer you like.

13. Indeed – Ruby Developer Jobs and Employment is a worldwide job search platform designed to assist you in discovering millions of online job opportunities across diverse industries and locations. On, you can not only search for jobs but also upload your resume, explore company reviews, seek career advice, and access additional resources for your professional journey. is a valuable platform for those specifically interested in hiring Ruby developers. The website caters to individuals and businesses looking for professionals with expertise in Ruby development.

Pricing: The freelance developers on charge according to the project, and there are many freelance Ruby developers for immediate recruitment.

14. Rockstarcoders – Ruby Developers for Hire

Rockstar Coders is a digital agency renowned for its expertise in developing personalized software solutions. With a broad spectrum of experience, they excel in crafting software across various technologies, tackling projects that span from routine updates to extensive endeavors exceeding 10,000 hours. Their services encompass a diverse range, including web and mobile development, consulting, and design services.

Their website offers insights into their versatile portfolio, demonstrating their prowess in handling projects of different scales and complexities. Rockstar Coders stands out for its skilled Ruby developers. At, you can tap into the expertise of Ruby developers who bring a wealth of experience to the table. Whether you are seeking assistance with web development, mobile applications, or design services, Rockstar Coders has a team of Ruby developers ready to elevate your project with their specialized skills.

Pricing: The charges depend on the project scale, meaning you have to contact for a quote.

15. Fiverr – Remote Ruby Programming Services

Fiverr stands as a worldwide digital marketplace linking businesses with freelancers for a wide array of digital services, spanning website design, logo creation, voiceovers, and more. On Fiverr, users can explore popular services, compare prices, receive high-quality work promptly, and make secure payments. The platform boasts over 200 service categories, encompassing graphics & design, digital marketing, writing & translation, video & animation, music & audio, programming & tech, business, lifestyle, data, and photography.

Moreover, Fiverr provides a diverse pool of freelancers, including skilled Ruby developers, offering services in programming and technology. Clients can find experienced Ruby developers on Fiverr to cater to their specific project needs within the platform’s extensive range of service categories. Whether you are looking for Ruby development or other digital services, Fiverr serves as a comprehensive marketplace for connecting businesses with freelancers worldwide.

Pricing: On Fiverr, talented Ruby developers can freely add their own rates for their freelance work. The hiring process is also simple due to the availability of developers 24/7.

Final Thoughts

The widespread adoption, robust capabilities, and cost-effectiveness of Ruby have intensified the competition in hiring developers proficient in this technology. Responding to this high demand, numerous online platforms now offer developers for hire, leading to increased salary offers and benefits. This is why it’s important to find information about the annual salary and hourly rates of Ruby developers in the United States. Here you can read our Ruby developer annual salary guide, Ruby developer job description, and hourly rates guide to help you screen for excellent Ruby programmers for your app development process. These will allow you to find a skilled ruby developer for your software development requirements.

Whether you aim to hire a freelance Ruby developer, a Rails developer, a senior Ruby expert, a full stack Ruby dev, a junior dev with basic knowledge of web applications and testing frameworks, or a fully remote Ruby dev for your app development requirements, you can find top Ruby professionals on these platforms to fulfill all your needs.

CloudDevs provides a range of Ruby guides to assist in crafting effective job descriptions, an interview questions guide, and a comprehensive Ruby Developer hiring guide that can help you find the right Ruby developer for your software development project. These resources are designed to aid in the hiring process and provide valuable insights for both employers and developers in the Ruby ecosystem.

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