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Top 15 Sites to Hire Rust Developers in 2024

Rust is a modern systems programming language that offers performance, reliability, and productivity. Initially developed by Mozilla, Rust has gained significant traction in recent years due to its focus on memory safety and zero-cost abstractions. It combines low-level control over hardware with high-level language features, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from embedded systems to web servers.

Examples of Rust’s use cases span various domains. In systems programming, Rust is employed to build operating systems, network services, and device drivers. Its performance and safety features make it suitable for projects requiring high concurrency, such as game engines and distributed systems. Additionally, Rust is increasingly adopted in the web development space, with frameworks like Rocket enabling the creation of fast and secure web applications.


Top 15 Platforms to Hire Rust Developers in 2023


Sourcing proficient Rust developers can pose challenges similar to those in other tech domains. To help navigate this landscape, we’ve compiled a curated list of the top 15 platforms to hire Rust developers in 2024. Whether you’re seeking seasoned professionals or exploring emerging talent pools, this guide equips you with insights to streamline the hiring process and find the right Rust developers for your projects.


1. Clouddevs – Hire Rust Developers from Your Timezone within 24 Hours (


Clouddevs - Hire Rust Developers from Your Timezone within 24 Hours (


CloudDevs is a leading platform with 8000+ vetted developers from Latin America. They offer developers in your timezone and provide a week-long trial for satisfaction assurance. If you’re not happy, you can get your money back or switch to another developer. CloudDevs excels in providing top Yii Developers across Latin America.

Pricing: Developers charge an hourly rate of $45 – $75 and developers can be hired within 24 hours. 


2. Upwork – The Best Rust Developers & Programmers For Hire In the United States – Upwork™


Upwork - The Best Rust Developers & Programmers For Hire In the United States - Upwork™


Upwork is a leading platform with millions of freelancers and thousands of active job listings. Whether you need Rust developers for small tasks or full projects, Upwork streamlines the hiring process. Just provide project details and specify part-time, contractual, or full-time work.

Upon posting, you’ll receive proposals to screen and interview. With Upwork’s Client Marketplace plan, you pay a 5% fee on payments (3% for eligible U.S. clients using a checking account), with access to top freelancers and inviting up to 30 to your job. Plus, you only pay fees when making payments, eliminating monthly subscriptions.

Pricing: Developer’s charges depend on the project’s scope, and the seniority of the developer, and developers can be hired immediately according to availability.


3. Fiverr – 24 Best Rust Services To Buy Online | Fiverr


Fiverr - 24 Best Rust Services To Buy Online | Fiverr


Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects clients with freelance services worldwide. It simplifies the hiring process, allowing businesses to work on a project basis and freelancers to sell their services at any time. Clients pay in advance for “Gigs,” which cover various digital services, including Rust programming, logo design, and voiceover work. Freelancers set their prices and offer package deals, ensuring a flexible and efficient experience for all users.

Pricing: Charges depend on the developer and developers can be hired immediately.


4. – Rust – Hired - Rust - Hired


Hired streamlines the process of hiring Scala developers with personalized matching software and a robust pipeline. Discover specialized Scala talent with relevant experience, often within your geographic area. Hired mandates skills testing and offers time-saving features like Technical Sourcing. Simplify your search for top Scala developers with Hired.

Pricing: You can connect with the company for a free quote.


5. – DevTeam.Space: Hire Expert Developers - DevTeam.Space: Hire Expert Developers utilizes an AI-powered agile process to match businesses with development teams, catering to companies seeking to outsource product development. With a network of Rust developers, they offer solutions tailored to various project needs.

Pricing for DevTeam varies depending on the project scope, ensuring flexibility for businesses of all sizes. While they boast a rigorous screening and vetting process to identify skilled developers, pricing information isn’t readily available on their website. Additionally, the exact method of matching Rust programmers to specific projects remains unclear. provides businesses with access to Rust developers through a streamlined process, offering tailored solutions to meet diverse project requirements.

Pricing: You can connect with the company for pricing and hiring details.


6. – Hire Rust developers | Freelance Rust developer | - Hire Rust developers | Freelance Rust developer | streamlines Rust developer hiring with an average 13-day time-to-hire. Their vetting process ensures access to experienced developers, with 8+ years of experience on average. Pricing starts at $5,000 per month, including all fees. Full-time placements incur a 20% fee of the negotiated first-year salary, payable upon hiring. serves a diverse clientele, from startups to Fortune 500s, with approximately 70% of Rust developers having over 10 years of experience. Their rigorous screening process selects approximately 100 developers from 1,000 applicants each month.

Pricing: Charges of freelance developers generally range from $!00 – $200 and developers can be hired within 3-5 days.


7. – Remote Rust Programming Jobs – Arc - Remote Rust Programming Jobs - Arc


When it comes to sourcing freelance Rust developers, Arc stands out with its rigorous vetting process. Employing contractors or full-time employees through Arc’s platform is a breeze. Leveraging Arc’s intuitive interface, businesses can effortlessly discover top-tier Rust developers, programmers, or tech experts. Arc’s meticulous candidate identification and vetting procedures guarantee that only the most qualified individuals are presented, enabling businesses to excel in Rust development projects.

Pricing: Arc. dev offers two types of pricing called fixed or hourly rates, and you can connect with the company to get a quote.

8. Slashdev- Hire The World’s Best Remote Rust Developers – 2023 (



Slashdev connects top remote developers worldwide with companies in the USA & Europe, offering gigs to full-time positions. With high pay and remote work options, it provides a global community for skill enhancement. On average, it takes a week to match developers with jobs, but in-demand skills may lead to immediate placement. Rust developers at Slashdev enjoy seamless transitions from current roles, ensuring continuous pay.

Pricing: SlashDev developers charge between $28 – $38 per hour, and developers can be hired after one week of risk-free trial.


9. Trio dev – Hire the Best Rust Developers | Trio Developers


Trio dev - Hire the Best Rust Developers | Trio Developers


Trio specializes in providing top-tier Rust developers for hire, known for their exceptional technical prowess and problem-solving abilities. These developers are adept at effective communication and collaboration, operating within U.S. time zones to ensure seamless interaction with clients. Driven by a passion for overcoming challenges, Trio’s Rust developers are dedicated to fostering innovation and forging connections with forward-thinking companies. Through comprehensive training programs covering both technical and soft skills, Trio facilitates the personal and professional growth of developers, empowering them to make a significant impact on the world through their coding expertise.

Pricing: You can contact the company for hiring and pricing information.

10. Turing – Hire Rust Developers in 4 Days | 14-Day Risk-Free Trial (


Turing - Hire Rust Developers in 4 Days | 14-Day Risk-Free Trial (


Turing stands at the forefront of finding and matching highly qualified Rust developers and teams using intelligent AI technology. By transforming traditional hiring methods, Turing seamlessly links top-notch engineers with businesses worldwide. The Talent Cloud redefines the hiring landscape, enabling companies to effortlessly discover verified remote talent, while developers pursue remarkable career goals on a global scale. Trusted by renowned companies like Pepsi and Dell, Turing’s AI-driven approach guarantees personalized, high-quality remote Rust developers. 

Pricing: You can request a quote and developers can be hired in 4 days.


11. Toptal – Hire Top Freelance Developers from Our World-class Network | Toptal®


Toptal is the ultimate destination for those seeking the cream of the crop in freelance talent. Renowned for its stringent screening process, Toptal ensures that only the top 3% of applicants make the cut through comprehensive skills and proficiency assessments. What sets Toptal apart is its automated matching system, sparing clients the need for manual candidate searches. Instead, clients are paired with an expert who handles the task of shortlisting developers, saving valuable time and resources. For those prioritizing efficiency and excellence in candidate selection, Toptal emerges as the go-to platform.

Pricing: Charges depend on developer skills, experience, and project needs, plus a 2.9% handling fee on invoices.


12. Optymize – Hire Rust Developers Within 48 Hours | Optymize


Optymize - Hire Rust Developers Within 48 Hours | Optymize


Optimize excels in remote developer recruitment, specializing in matching clients with proficient Rust developers. In a remarkable 48-hour timeframe, they deliver the cream of the crop, representing the top 3% of rigorously pre-vetted and compatible developers. Optimize offers a risk-free trial period of 15 days, allowing clients to assess the selected developers with confidence. With flexible hiring models, clients can effortlessly assemble their remote teams, catering to both part-time and full-time requirements. Optimize’s tailored solutions ensure a swift and seamless process for those seeking to hire Rust developers, guaranteeing the perfect expertise for project success.

Pricing: You can contact Optimize for pricing and hiring information.


13. Gaper – Hire Best Remote Developer | Build Teams in 24 Hours |

Gaper - Hire Best Remote Developer | Build Teams in 24 Hours | stands as a premier platform for sourcing top-tier Rust developers, meticulously vetted to meet the highest standards of excellence. With expertise spanning various technologies, including Rust, businesses can swiftly find skilled developers capable of tackling diverse projects. Starting at $35 per hour, offers competitive rates, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to scale their projects with Rust developers. The platform’s two-week trial period allows businesses to onboard Rust developers seamlessly, providing a risk-free solution to meet their project needs effectively.

Pricing: You receive a flexible contract with monthly billing.


14. Remotebase – Hire Remote Developers | Top 1% in 24HR | Free Trial (


Remotebase - Hire Remote Developers | Top 1% in 24HR | Free Trial (


Remotebase leads the charge in remote work, swiftly uniting top talent globally to form exceptional engineering teams within 24 hours. Focused on the top 1% of talent, Remotebase specializes in partnering with innovative tech startups, understanding their visions to craft technology solutions for success. By sourcing top-notch tech talent and fostering passionate teams, Remotebase equips organizations to thrive in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

Pricing; You can hire developers within 24 hours, and for pricing information, interested parties can contact Remotebase directly.


15. Onstrider  – Hire Rust Developers – Strider (


Onstrider  - Hire Rust Developers - Strider (


Onstrider’s hiring platform offers a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to discover and onboard verified remote engineering talent, including proficient Rust developers. With a free sign-up process, companies can effortlessly interview potential team members, ensuring a seamless hiring experience. Onstrider’s mission is to bridge the gap between talent and opportunities by connecting top-tier companies with skilled professionals, regardless of their location. Through a rigorous vetting process, Onstrider ensures that companies can efficiently select candidates with proven technical expertise, attracting top talent with a user-friendly interface and access to lucrative job opportunities in Rust development.

Pricing – You can connect with the company for pricing and hiring details.




In conclusion, Rust emerges as a cutting-edge language for building secure and efficient software solutions, offering unparalleled performance and memory safety compared to traditional programming languages. 

Check out CloudDev’s comprehensive Rust developer hiring guide for an in-depth understanding of the key considerations when hiring Rust developers in 2024. You can gain access to essential resources, including the Rust developer annual salary guide, hourly rates guide, job descriptions guide, and interview questions guide, to make informed decisions and embark on a successful software development journey.

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