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Unlocking Earnings: The Ultimate Guide to Android Developer Salaries

In the United States, the average annual salary for an Android Developer is currently $122,529. The majority of salaries for this role fall within a range, with the 25th percentile at $105,000 and the 75th percentile at $143,000. For those in the top end of this profession, specifically the 90th percentile, the annual salary can reach up to $160,000. These figures highlight a significant range in earning potential for Android Developers across the country.

In this blog post, we will explore the various factors that determine the annual salary for Android developers. Whether you are a beginner just stepping into the world of Android development or an experienced professional, this guide aims to provide you with comprehensive insights into what you can expect to earn and the market dynamics that shape these earnings. It is important to be aware of the current rates for the skill before you start to hire Android developers for your project. Stay tuned for an informative journey through the financial side of Android development.

A Look into Android Developer Average Salary (USD)

For Junior Developers, ZipRecruiter and tend to report higher average salaries, while Indeed generally shows the lowest figures. For Mid-Level Developers, the salaries are relatively consistent across Glassdoor,, and Indeed, with ZipRecruiter indicating a slightly lower average. 

android dev salary ziprecruiter

Among Senior Developers, Indeed stands out with a notably higher average salary compared to the other platforms, while Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter report similar, more conservative figures, and falls in between. These variations highlight the importance of consulting multiple sources when researching potential salaries in the Android development field.

Top-Paying Industries for Android Developers

Based on various job listing platforms, the following industries have been identified as the top payers for Android developers. These industries offer competitive compensation packages, reflecting the high value they place on mobile development expertise. It’s important for aspiring and current Android developers to be aware of these sectors, as they can offer better opportunities for career growth and financial advancement.

IndustryAverage Annual Salary (USD)
Human Resources and Staffing$110,829
Information Technology$110,148
Research and Technology$88,515
Media and Entertainment$80,799

Statistics from suggest that even in the United States, the salary obtained by Android developers varies according to the state. The highest salary is obtained by developers in Massachusetts followed by developers in California, Washington, Georgia, New York, Kansas, Delaware, Maryland, Utah, and Colorado coming in tenth place.

Further, details that in the United States, the average annual salary for an Android developer is $125,911 per year. Entry-level positions start at $104,368 per year, while the most  experienced workers can earn up to $159,999 per year.

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The Annual Salary of Android Developers Around the World

In comparing the average annual salaries of Android developers across different regions, North America leads with the highest compensation. Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Australia follow closely with competitive salary ranges, though Eastern Europe and Australia have slightly lower averages. 

South America and Asia are on the lower end of the spectrum, with South America surpassing Asia by a small margin. These differences highlight the varied economic landscapes, technological demands, and market conditions that influence Android developer salaries worldwide.

RegionAverage Annual Salary (USD)
North America$88,563
South America$45,027
Western Europe$73,478
Eastern Europe$65,222

How Different Frameworks Shape Android Developers’ Salaries

Below are the estimated annual salary ranges for Android developers based on their expertise in various frameworks. 

FrameworkAverage Annual Salary (USD)
Flutter$90,000 - $135,000
React Native$95,000 - $140,000
Ionic$85,000 - $130,000
Xamarin$100,000 - $145,000
Native Script$88,000 - $134,000
Apache Cordova$80,000 - $125,000
JQuery Mobile$82,000 - $128,000

The salaries of Android developers appear to be influenced by their expertise in specific frameworks. Generally, developers with proficiency in Xamarin and React Native tend to command higher salaries, reflecting the strong demand for these skills in the market. Flutter, a newer but rapidly growing framework, also offers competitive salaries, indicating its increasing adoption and preference among businesses. 

On the other end, developers specializing in JQuery Mobile, Framework7, and Apache Cordova might experience slightly lower salary ranges, which might be due to the matured or niche status of these technologies. Ultimately, an Android developer’s salary seems to depend on the popularity and demand for their particular skill set in different frameworks, emphasizing the benefits of mastering widely used and emerging technologies.

According to Glassdoor Glassdoor, the average total compensation for an Android Developer in the United States is projected to be around $94,470 annually. This figure includes a median base salary of $88,838 per year. Additionally, Android Developers may receive an estimated $5,632 annually in extra compensation, which can include elements like cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit sharing.

android dev salary glassdoor


This blog post provides an insightful overview of the annual earnings for Android developers. It discusses the various factors that influence these salaries, including geographic location, experience levels, and the current market demand. This guide is an essential resource for Android developers seeking to understand their potential income and for employers aiming to offer competitive salaries in the tech industry. You can check out our Android Developer Hourly Rate Guide to learn about the hourly rates you can earn in the US and across the world. We bring you a complete Android Developer Hiring Guide, along with the Android Developer Job Description and Android Interview Questions guide which will help you in the process of hiring a Android developer in 2023.

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