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An Insightful Look at Android Developers’ Hourly Rates in 2023

In the United States, Android Developers earn an average hourly rate of $58.91. Data sourced from ZipRecruiter suggests a rate distribution wherein the majority of Android Developers earn between $50.48 and $68.75 per hour, representing the 25th to 75th percentiles. This data provides a snapshot of the earning potential and wage variations for Android Developers in the U.S. market.

This post will provide a comprehensive guide on Android developers’ hourly rates in 2023, aiming to help organizations budget correctly for their projects as it’s important to be aware of the current rates for the skill before you start to hire Android developers for your project. 

The Impact of Employment Type on Hourly Rates

When hiring these professionals, it’s important to understand that their rates can vary significantly based on the type of employment. 

Employment TypeAverage Hourly Rate
Full-Time Employment$58 - $77
Part-Time Employment$55 - $80
Contractual Employment$60 - $90
Freelance Employment$20 - $70

When planning your budget, consider not just the hourly rate, but also the total cost of engagement. For instance, full-time employees might seem expensive, but they bring stability and commitment to the project. Freelancers, on the other hand, offer more flexibility and might be perfect for short-term or less complex projects. The hourly rates for part-time and contractual developers are generally higher than full-time rates since these professionals have to compensate for the lack of benefits and job security. Understanding these details is key to making the right hiring decision for your Android development needs.

How Experience Shapes the Hourly Rates of Android Developers

ExperienceAverage Hourly Rate
Entry-Level Developers$20 - $50
Mid-Level Developers$30 - $70
Senior Developers$50 - $110
Specialist Developers$70 - $130

It’s worth noting that while more experienced developers command higher rates, they often bring efficiencies that can make your project run smoother and faster. On the other hand, less experienced developers, while more affordable, may require more supervision and time to complete the tasks. As the demand for Android developers continues to rise, understanding these rates is an essential first step toward successful project budgeting and planning.

The below diagram showcases the current rates for Android developers according to ZipRecruiter:
android dev hourly rates ziprecruiter

How Android Developers’ Hourly Rates Differ by Location

Android developers’ hourly rates can vary significantly by location, reflecting factors such as local costs of living, availability of skilled developers, and regional economic conditions. Here’s a comprehensive look at Android developers’ hourly rates based on their location.

RegionAverage Hourly Rate
North America$70 - $130
South America$30 - $70
Australia$50 - $120
Western Europe$50 - $120
Eastern Europe$25 - $70
Asia$20 - $70
Africa$10 - $60

North America and Australia command the highest rates, highlighting their high living standards and strong tech industry. South America, with growing tech sectors, offers competitive rates. Western Europe mirrors Australia and North America in terms of rates, while Eastern Europe has emerged as an attractive outsourcing destination for its balance of affordability and quality. Lastly, Asia, known for its vast tech workforce, and Africa with lower living costs, presents some of the most affordable rates for Android development.

Statistics from suggest that even in the United States, the salary obtained by Android developers varies according to the state. The highest salary is obtained by developers in Massachusetts followed by developers in California, Washington, Georgia, New York, Kansas, Delaware, Maryland, Utah, and Colorado coming in tenth place.

Further, details that in the United States, the average hourly rate for an Android developer is $60.55 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $50.09 per hour, while the most  experienced workers can earn up to $76.92 per hour.

android dev hourly rates

Hourly Rates of Android Developers Based on Their Specialization in Various Android App Development Frameworks

The Android development landscape is rich with a variety of powerful frameworks that developers can use to create strong, user-friendly applications. Depending on their proficiency and specialization in these frameworks, Android developers can command different hourly rates. Here, we aim to explore these rates, providing you with a reference when planning to hire dedicated Android developers.

Android App Development FrameworkAverage Hourly Rate
React Native$30 - $150
Kotlin$40 - $160
Ionic$30 - $140
Corona SDK$35 - $130
Xamarin$35 - $145
PhoneGap$30 - $140
Sencha$35 - $140
Cordova$35 - $140
Unity$40 - $170
TheAppBuilder$30 - $130
Flutter$35 - $150
NativeScript$30 - $140
SproutCore$35 - $140
Appcelerator Titanium$35 - $145
jQuery$30 - $130

Android Developers’ Hourly Rates with Other Key Technologies

As the tech industry continues to develop, businesses are using a diverse range of technologies for their digital needs. This varied demand affects the hourly rates of developers specializing in different areas. 

iOS Development

iOS developers create apps for Apple’s iOS platform, which, while not as widely used as Android, caters to a lucrative and engaged user base.

TechnologyAverage Hourly Rates
Swift$30 to $150
Objective-C$30 and $150
Cocoa Touch$35 to $155
Xcode$30 to $150
ARKit$40 to $160

Web Development

Web developers, who create and maintain websites, have a broad range of rates due to the wide variety of work in this field.

TechnologyAverage Hourly Rates
HTML/CSS$20 to $100
JavaScript$30 to $150
PHP$25 to $120
Python$30 to $150
Ruby on Rails$35 to $160

Machine Learning

The rates of engineers and developers working in machine learning can vary significantly, reflecting the complexities of their field. 

TechnologyAverage Hourly Rate
Theano$40 to $200
R$30 to $150
TensorFlow$40 to $200
PyTorch$35 to $190
Scikit-learn$40 to $200

Frontend Development

Frontend developers, who design and implement the user interface of websites, have average hourly rates as follows:

TechnologyAverage Hourly Rate
React.js$30 and $150
Angular$30 and $150
Vue.js$30 and $140

Backend Development

Backend development frameworks are essential for handling data management and ensuring smooth communication between the server, application, and database.

TechnologyAverage Hourly Rate
Node.js$30 to $150
Django$30 to $140
Spring$35 to $155
Laravel$25 to $120

The field of technology is vast and diverse, with varying hourly rates based on the technology or programming language and the developer’s level of expertise. From Android to iOS, web to machine learning, and frontend to backend, different domains command different rates. A thorough understanding of these rates is essential for successful project budgeting and planning. It’s important to balance cost considerations with the specific technological expertise required for your project.


This guide offers a thorough examination of the factors that determine hourly wages for Android developers. Covering aspects like experience, location, and market trends, this guide is a valuable resource for developers to understand their worth and for employers to stay informed about competitive rates in the tech industry. 

It’s an essential tool for anyone involved in the financial realm of Android development. You can check out our Android Developer Annual Salary Guide to learn about the annual salary rates you can earn in the US and across the world. We bring you a complete Android Developer Hiring Guide, along with the Android Developer Job Description and Android Interview Questions guide which will help you in the process of hiring a Android developer in 2023.

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