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Top 15 Sites to Hire Flutter Developers in 2024

Unlocking the potential of clutter-free, native mobile applications, Flutter has become a developer’s dream. The excitement of crafting fully functional mobile apps using Flutter has captivated developers worldwide, making it a go-to choice. With an impressive 139K stars and 21.5K forks on GitHub, Flutter stands as a complete package embraced by a vast developer community.


Top 15 Sites to Hire Flutter Developers


Flutter doesn’t just change the game; it redefines it with pixel-perfect and seamless native applications. Its flexibility and seamless integration with existing source code make it a standout framework. Alibaba’s early adoption underscores Flutter’s promising outlook. Now, as you seek to elevate your projects, our guide will navigate you through the top 15 sites to hire Flutter developers, ensuring you find the right talent to turn your ideas into reality. 


1. CloudDevs – Top Pick


Hire Flutter Developers - CloudDevs


CloudDevs is your ultimate destination for hiring proficient Flutter developers, providing access to a meticulously screened pool of professionals. Facilitating seamless collaboration, our platform connects you with top-notch Flutter developers renowned for their expertise in constructing cross-platform mobile applications. Boasting a network of 8000+ developers spanning Latin America, CloudDevs delivers elite talent swiftly. Matched to your time zone, our three-step hiring process ensures you acquire the finest talents for your software project.

Pricing: Developers can be hired within 24 hours and developers charge $45 – $70 per hour.


2. Flutter Agency 


Flutter Agency


Flutter Agency is our second choice for hiring Flutter app developers due to their meticulous and detail-oriented approach. With over 30 experts since their 2017 beta launch, they maintain a remarkable 95% client retention rate, serving brands like Toyota Financial Services and Dun & Bradstreet. Their developers ensure high-quality projects through thorough testing and optimization of features. Offering diverse partnership models, Flutter Agency caters to various development needs, including desktop, web, and mobile applications. Whether for development, maintenance, or enhancement, their team has the expertise you need.

PricingFlutter Agency tailors pricing according to project type, complexity, and specific needs. For detailed cost breakdowns, contact their representatives on the website.


3. Valuecoders




ValueCoders serves as a link between clients and Flutter cross-platform developers in India, offering flexible engagement options such as full-time, hourly, and remote arrangements. The platform emphasizes zero-billing and no contract lock-in commitments, allowing clients to compensate developers only when promises are fulfilled. Specializing in assembling software development teams proficient in diverse programming languages, ValueCoders ensures a prompt response within eight business hours. The platform’s benefits include rapid scaling, efficient project management, and compatibility with various time zones. Developer pricing is determined based on skill levels and years of experience.

Pricing: You can request a quote from the company.




When seeking Flutter developers on Guru, one can review their previous work ratings and earnings. This not only facilitates a clear differentiation between freelancers and agencies but also provides an accurate portrayal of their capabilities and suitability for the project. Transactions between Flutter developers and clients are securely managed through an Escrow system on Guru, ensuring that payments are only released upon the successful completion of milestones. The platform’s communication tools further enhance the utility of a revision system, enabling seamless requests for changes during the project development process.

Pricing: You can hire Flutter developers under fixed pricing, hourly basis, task-based or recurring payment.


5. Toptal 


Toptal, meticulously crafted to attract top-tier Flutter developers, stands as a renowned talent hub. It rigorously filters candidates, ensuring that only those with proven project expertise are presented to project owners. This platform empowers clients to select developers based on their project’s specific needs, offering a diverse range of hourly rates. Toptal’s near-perfect Trust Pilot rating and endorsements from Fortune 500 companies highlight its convenience for hiring Flutter app developers. A mere 3% of Toptal applicants meet the site’s rigorous vetting standards. Take advantage of Toptal’s risk-free trial to assemble your ideal development team and scale effortlessly as required.

Pricing – Toptal customizes the price based on the project’s scope, and you can be hired within 48 hours. 


6. Flutterdevs 




FlutterDevs, as a dynamic Flutter development company, employs a robust tech-driven approach in crafting Flutter apps, rendering them an adaptable choice for collaboration. The firm is backed by a team of 30+ adept Flutter programmers, each possessing a minimum of 10 years of industry expertise. Their extensive clientele spans over 35 countries, with a remarkable track record of delivering 500+ Flutter mobile apps. FlutterDevs stands out for providing cost-effective solutions through an expert team, ensuring swift time-to-market by utilizing a unified code base for Android and iOS, and simplifying decision-making with easily comprehensible partnership models.

Pricing – Easily request a customized quote through their website for pricing and hiring details.


7. Geekyants 



GeekyAnts, a provider of skilled talent, has supported projects since Dart was introduced as Flutter’s official development language by Google. While their main office is located in India, GeekyAnts also maintains offices in the UK, extending their reach to serve project owners globally. Specializing in cross-platform app development, they offer a diverse range of user interface development technologies and other services. Share your expectations, and GeekyAnts will reach out within 24 hours, offering options such as fixed-scope, dedicated teams, or agile product engagement models to cater to your project needs.

Pricing:  You can hire a developer within 24 hours, and pricing depends on the project’s scope.


8. Cleveroad 




CleveRoad, a distinguished platform for hiring Flutter developers, boasts a team of over 280 app developers, with a significant quarter holding senior positions. Their impressive track record includes successfully delivering over 170 projects to date. The team’s expertise, particularly in Flutter development, is reflected in their numerous qualifications and certifications. CleveRoad’s proficiency spans various industries, earning them accolades and recognition from reputable entities like Clutch, Goodfirms, and AppFutura. The platform offers comprehensive solutions, including fully managed Flutter development services, dedicated teams tailored to project needs, and swift PoC and MVP development to expedite time-to-market.

Pricing – Reach out to their sales team to get a clear explanation of the expected service cost for a customized plan.


9. Merixstudio 




Merixstudio excels in delivering top-notch web applications and cross-platform mobile apps, offering end-to-end product development support or augmenting in-house engineering teams. The tech stack includes JavaScript (Angular, React, Node.js), Python (Django, Flask), and cross-platform frameworks (React Native, Flutter). The company collaborates with global brands like GS1, Volkswagen, and HSBC, as well as successful startups such as Moneyfarm and Sendinblue. Recognized as a one-stop software development company, Merixstudio establishes long-term partnerships, fueled by its commitment to excellence and a team of top-tier talents locally recruited and developed for an exceptional workplace.

Pricing – You can schedule a call with the company for hiring and pricing details.


10. Appinventiv 




Appinventiv stands out among notable app development firms, recognized for their expertise in developing revolutionary digital solutions. With a skilled team of Flutter developers, Appinventiv designs applications that seamlessly blend advanced technology with visually appealing design. The company is committed to comprehending client goals and translating them into user-centric experiences. Their diverse portfolio showcases proficiency across various industries, including e-commerce and healthcare, illustrating their ability to excel in different sectors. Appinventiv’s approach surpasses mere functionality, prioritizing user engagement through smooth interfaces and seamless interactions. Their success is evident in the apps they produce, each serving as a testament to their skill and dedication.

Pricing – You can contact the company through their website for hiring details.


11. Droids on roids 


Droids on roids


Droids On Roids excels in Flutter app development, known for crafting cutting-edge digital solutions. Their meticulous hiring process ensures a team of skilled and experienced Flutter app developers. With a commitment to understanding client objectives, they consistently deliver applications that seamlessly integrate advanced technology and captivating design. Droids On Roids’ diverse portfolio showcases proficiency in various industries, prioritizing user engagement through intuitive interfaces and seamless interactions. For businesses seeking reliable Flutter app development, Droids On Roids offers a compelling choice to transform ideas into impactful digital realities.

Pricing – The company does not provide any direct pricing details, however, you can contact with the company and receive pricing information.


12. Upwork 




Upwork, recognized as one of the most densely populated hubs for Flutter developers, serves as a vital link connecting project owners with skilled professionals. The operational procedures are straightforward: users present their projects, accessible to all proficient Flutter developers who engage in a competitive bidding process. All aspects of communication, task execution, and financial transactions are conducted seamlessly within the platform. Agreements on payment terms are established between project owners and developers, with the platform reserving a commission upon the successful completion of project milestones.

Pricing – Pricing depends on the Flutter developer and developers can be hired immediately according to availability.


13. Emizentech 




Emizen Tech is a leading Flutter app development company, known for its innovative digital solutions. With a skilled team, they create applications that seamlessly blend advanced technology and creative design, excelling in e-commerce, healthcare, and more. Emizen Tech’s commitment to understanding client objectives and prioritizing user-centric experiences sets them apart. Beyond mere functionality, they emphasize user engagement through intuitive interfaces and fluid interactions, reflected in the success of their developed apps. For businesses seeking expert Flutter app development, Emizen Tech is a compelling choice, embodying the transformation of concepts into impactful digital realities.

Pricing: You can connect with the company for pricing and hiring details.


14. RichestSoft 




RichestSoft, boasting a decade-long proficiency in mobile development, has garnered acclaim for satisfying over 1,000 clients since its inception in 2009. With an impressive 98% project completion rate and a remarkable 99% customer satisfaction rate, they stand out as a premier Flutter development company. Their excellence lies in seamlessly integrating established business practices with innovative solutions. Recognizing the uniqueness of each project, RichestSoft approaches them with a fresh perspective, leveraging their expertise to navigate the process. Facilitating swift app market entry through adept app store submission and ensuring transparent communication via a collaborative work process are integral aspects of their client-centric approach.

Pricing – RichestSoft offers custom project pricing, detailed cost breakdowns, and flexible payment options for Flutter development. 


15. Ideamotive 




Ideamotive efficiently connects companies with freelance Flutter developers through an AI-powered platform. With over 2000 vetted professionals, the platform emphasizes contextual autonomy for developers, promoting trust and productivity. The rapid hiring process ensures quick matches, while talent management and performance reporting guarantee high-quality work. Ideamotive’s approach allows for flexible and autonomous working relationships, facilitating seamless collaboration between companies and developers.

Pricing – Developers set their hourly rates, and you can get a quote from the company.




In conclusion, hiring Flutter developers requires a strategic approach to navigating the evolving technology landscape. Staying updated on Flutter advancements is key. Overcoming challenges in sharing ideas remotely and time constraints for flutter development projects is crucial. CloudDevs provides some resources that will help you make a sound decision. This CloudDevs Flutter Developer Hiring Guide, featuring insights into Annual Salary and Hourly Rates, equips employers to attract top talent. Crafting a clear Flutter Developer Job Description and using specific Interview Questions streamlines the process. Explore our list of the Top 15 Sites to Hire Flutter Developers for access to a diverse pool of qualified candidates.

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