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Top 15 Sites to Hire Java Developers in 2024

Java stands as a widely employed programming language globally, boasting a robust existence of over two decades and maintaining significant demand in the job market. If your goal is to become a Java developer, considering a full-stack Java developer course offers an excellent starting point. But what makes Java still a favorite among developers in 2024? 


Top 15 Sites to Hire Java Developers in 2024


If you are looking to hire Java developers, understanding the reasons behind Java’s popularity can guide you in making informed decisions for your team. In this article, we will explore 15 top sites to hire Java developers. This guide will help you see what is special about each platform and its pricing.

1. CloudDevs – Top Pick – Hire Java Developers from Your Timezone


CloudDevs is a talent platform offering over 8000+ developers and designers from Latin America. You get to work with hand-selected and rigorously vetted Elite Latin American remote talent, assigned to you in 24 hours. Some of the special features of CloudDevs are developers matching your timezone, the option to pay as you go, rolling weekly contracts with no minimum commitment, and a seven-day free trial. By the end of the trial, if you are not satisfied with the talent assigned to you, you can get a refund or get a different talent.

Pricing: Developers charge an hourly rate of $40 – $100, and developers are assigned within 24 hours.


2. Jobsity – Hire Java Developers Online



Jobsity specializes in staff augmentation and nearshore outsourcing, they provide top-notch talent from Latin America at a remarkable 50% cost reduction. Jobsity boasts a skilled team of Java professionals, meticulously selected from thousands of applicants, ensuring only the top 3% cut. Hiring a full-stack Java developer is a stress-free endeavor, with each team member possessing a minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience. Jobsity’s developer diversity is a standout feature, with multilingual capabilities spanning up to 9 languages. If you are looking to hire Java developers, Jobsity has the expertise and versatility to meet your project needs.

Pricing: You can request Jobsity for hiring information, and pricing details.


3. Sparx IT solutions – Hire Dedicated Java Developers 



Sparx IT Solutions stands out globally, providing comprehensive Java development services. Their certified Java development team is skilled in handling projects for startups and enterprises, demonstrating expertise in technologies like Maven, ORM, CDI, and JSP. Using the scrum methodology, the team ensures the development of reliable applications with fool-proof security. Sparx offers the opportunity to hire Java developers for website and mobile development, along with J2EE solutions. With a commitment to creating user-centric solutions, Sparx IT Solutions ensures a gratifying experience for clients seeking to hire Java developers.

Pricing: You can request a free consultation from Sparx IT Solutions, and developers are assigned within 8 hours.


4. Damco – Hire from the Best Java Development Company



Damco, the cross-platform Java development company, boasts a specialized team of highly skilled Java developers adept at crafting successful solutions. Their versatile talent pool is well-versed in key Java frameworks like Grails, Blade, and Spring. Functioning as an offshore development entity, Damco provides flexible engagement models, including milestones, fixed pricing, time and material, and customized teams. Businesses can hire Java developers for mobile and cloud-based applications, Java-Hadoop big data transformation, and content management systems. With these advantages, Damco guarantees effective Java development through strategic approaches.

Pricing: You can request a quote from the company and developers can be hired after consulting the company. 

Our hourly rates guide for Java developers will help you shed some light on the topic as well. 

5. Zazz – Your Go-To Java Developers



Zazz stands as a top-tier software development company, boasting extensive expertise in crafting Java applications and tailored programming solutions. Their Java developers exhibit high proficiency in constructing web-based enterprise applications through Java EE and standard Java programming. Additionally, Zazz provides complimentary consultation services. The adept team of recruiters takes the initiative to comprehend unique client needs, presenting only the most fitting candidates. Zazz’s Java developers undergo a meticulous screening process, ensuring not only technical expertise but also the experience and qualities necessary to seamlessly integrate with your team and work culture. If you are looking to hire Java developers, Zazz is a reliable choice.

Pricing: Junior-level developers charge $100 per hour, mid-level developers charge $115, and senior developers charge $130 per hour. 


6. Freelancer – Find Top Java Developers for Hire



Employers can utilize Freelancer to post projects and hire skilled Java developers. The platform also facilitates the initiation of contests, encouraging competitive entries that can be iterated upon with feedback. This approach is particularly recommended for refining visual designs. For those seeking Java development expertise, Freelancer provides a diverse pool of talented developers available for hire, offering a convenient and efficient solution for businesses in need of skilled Java professionals.

Pricing: Developers set their pricing rates according to an hourly basis, and developers can be hired immediately according to availability.

7. Bairesdev – Java Development Services for Hire 



BairesDev serves as a dedicated partner, collaborating closely with clients to develop top-notch software solutions swiftly and accurately. Their mission revolves around creating enduring value by addressing clients’ business challenges. Leveraging the expertise of the top 1% of tech talent from the Americas and the Caribbean, their team delivers scalable, high-performance technology solutions. Boasting over 4,000 skilled engineers across 50 countries, BairesDev ensures expertise aligned with different time zones. BairesDev stands ready to unlock possibilities for businesses, offering skilled Java developers for hire to drive lasting value results for companies of all sizes.

Pricing: You can schedule a call with the company for pricing and hiring information.


8. Devox Software – Java Software Development Services for Hire



Devox Software boasts a team of skilled Java developers, adept in full outsourcing, staff augmentation, and dedicated team models. This international company sources talent from Romania, Georgia, and Ukraine. Their Java development services cover cloud-friendly platforms, integration and migration, and enterprise Java applications. The team exhibits extensive knowledge of various Java platforms, architecture, and technologies, encompassing Java EE, serverless architectures, Thymeleaf, and more. Despite their comprehensive offerings, Devox Software remains a cost-effective solution for anyone looking to hire Java developers.

Pricing: You can contact Devox Software for their pricing and hiring details. 

Read our Java developer annual salaries guide to learn more. 

9. Scalo software – Java Devs for Hire 



Scalo serves as a technology partner for forward-thinking companies, offering custom software solutions and providing dedicated development teams through staff augmentation. With a mission to accelerate client growth through software services, Scalo stands out by translating business ideas into modern technology language, creating high-performing applications, and adding technological value. Their ambition is to be more than a software development company; they aspire to be a software partner. Known for a unique approach called the “Scalo Way,” they have delivered over 300 projects in 15 years, crafting digital products with businesses in mind. For those seeking to hire Java developers, Scalo’s skilled team is ready to contribute to your success.

Pricing: You can contact the company through their website and request details about hiring developers and pricing details.


10. Gigster  – Software Development Services for Hire



Gigster excels in assembling versatile project teams, equipped with a product manager, solution architect, designers, and skilled software engineers. The service is known for its intelligent approach to software development, seamlessly integrating top-notch developers, designers, and product managers with artificial intelligence to bring your project to life. For those looking to hire Java developers, Gigster’s teams showcase exceptional expertise in Java development, ensuring a high level of skill and proficiency in crafting robust and effective applications.

Pricing: Developers are assigned within 32 hours, and the developers’ charge depends on the project scope.  


11. Exoft – Java Developers for Hire



Exoft emerges as the go-to choice for Java development initiatives, courtesy of their seasoned and adept Java developers. Their proficiency extends beyond mastering the Java programming language; they boast a comprehensive understanding of the diverse frameworks and technologies integral to Java development. Exoft’s methodology facilitates swift adaptation to changes, ensuring the timely delivery of top-notch software within budget constraints—ideal for projects with tight schedules or frequent updates. Their commitment to grasping project intricacies and close collaboration with clients guarantees the final product aligns seamlessly with expectations. Businesses seeking excellence can confidently hire Java developers from Exoft.

Pricing: You can get a free consultation with the company and get pricing and hiring information.


12. Veltris – Top-tier Java Devs –



At Veltris, they bring together Innovation, Acceleration, and Transformation to provide high-ROI technology and business solutions. With a design thinking approach to agile software development, coupled with premium full-stack capabilities and a cutting-edge innovation mindset, Veltris accelerates time-to-market, ensuring long-term strategic and competitive advantages for clients and partners. Their skilled Java developers contribute to this transformative process, offering expertise that makes Veltris a go-to choice for those looking to hire Java developers. Veltris aims to innovate, accelerate, and transform technology-driven enterprise, business, and industry solutions.

Pricing: You can talk with Veltris and get pricing and hiring details. Read our comprehensive hiring guide for Java developers for more information. 


13. Toptal – Best Freelance Java Developers 


Known for connecting professionals with expertise in technology, including designers and finance experts, Toptal primarily focuses on sourcing independent tech talent. Renowned for its stringent screening processes, it admits less than 3% of submitted applications, ensuring a pool of top-tier candidates. For those seeking the finest talent, this freelance marketplace stands out, offering a comprehensive screening approach, including skills and proficiency assessments. With an automatic matching system, clients are paired with experts who handle the developer shortlisting process. For a time-saving and resource-efficient hiring experience to find the best Java developers, Toptal is the go-to choice.

Pricing: Java developers can be hired within 48 hours and the pricing is customized according to your project’s scope.


14. Wellfound – Java Developer for Hire Online



Formerly recognized as AngelList Talent, Wellfound captures the attention of both job seekers and recruiters, particularly those immersed in the startup scene. With a strict focus on startups, wellfound specializes in connecting users with candidates ready for the startup environment, totaling around 8 million. This ensures easy access to top-notch tech talent. The platform offers extensive candidate details, assessment tools, a built-in ATS (with integration options), complimentary job postings, HR tools, and more. Leveraging their Curated service, they can also handle the vetting process, providing an all-in-one solution for streamlined hiring of skilled Java developers.

Pricing: Pricing depends on the project’s scope, and you can contact the company for more information.


15. Upwork – Best Freelance Java Developers For Hire



Upwork, a platform connecting independent talent globally with millions of businesses, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, facilitates seamless billing and payment for freelancers. While not exclusively focused on technical talent, it serves as an excellent avenue for hiring Java developers worldwide. With approximately 18 million freelancers, clients can easily find skilled Java developers for their needs. Upwork offers features like the Talent Scout program, matching clients with the most proficient freelancers, and robust project management tools, including milestones, to-do lists, weekly hourly limits, and secure contracts with a payment system, ensuring confident collaboration. Hire Java developers with ease on this versatile platform.

Pricing: Pricing depends on the project’s scope, and the experience and expertise of the developer, and React developers can be hired immediately according to availability.


In conclusion, the widespread favorability of Java in 2023 can be credited to its adaptability, platform neutrality, object-oriented programming principles, strong community support, abundant career prospects, and ongoing enhancements. Given its diverse applications and sustained evolution, Java stands as a dependable and forward-looking language, providing developers with a steadfast foundation to rely on. If you want to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of Java devs, this will help you on your journey. 

Aspiring developers as well as anyone looking to hire Java developers can benefit from several resources including this interview questions guide for Java developers in 2023 available on the CloudDevs website. 

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