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JQuery Developer Earning Breakdown: A Comprehensive Guide

The average annual salary of a JQuery Developer in the United States is $88,300 per year. The normal range of salary for a JQuery developer is between $70,800 to $116,000, and the hourly wage is about $48 per hour. The hourly wage also ranges from $38 to $63 depending on the geographic location, experience, and education. 

Breaking Down the Annual Average Salary of a JQuery Developer

Junior developers are paid the highest at Glassdoor, yet, Talent.com also has a higher salary for junior developers which is only a few hundred dollars less. Hence, the same criteria move to Midlevel developers as well. ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and Talent.com pay relatively higher salaries for midlevel developers. Salary.com consistently shows the lowest salaries for developers at all levels when compared to other platforms. Hence, this difference underscores the variability among various salary reporting websites suggesting that actual salary rates can deviate considerably from these approximations.  

The Annual Salaries of JQuery Developers in Different Countries

The highest salary for JQuery developers is currently in the United States, followed by Isreal, Switzerland, Ireland, and Denmark ranking as the top five countries paying the highest for senior JQuery developers in the world. It is quite noteworthy that most Asian countries and African countries significantly pay a lower salary per annum for JQuery Developers, ranking Tanzania at the lowest, followed by Ghana, Myanmar, Indonesia, Nepal, and Pakistan. However, most European countries display a moderate and relatively consistent salary figure. Compensation for JQuery developers varies significantly worldwide, underscoring how geographical location can impact earning potential in this profession.

CountryJunior Developer
United States$103,571
New Zealand$64,333
United Kingdom$62,045

JQuery Developer Salary vs. Other Java Libraries Developers’ Salaries

When comparing the annual salary of a JQuery Developer with other Java libraries, React.js developers generally earn a higher wage than most other library developers, and their wage potentially reaches about $105,000 per year. This is generally followed by Node.js developers who bring in the most money. Hence, both JQuery developers and React developers often find themselves in higher salary ranges. JavaScript developers are as always, at the top of the hierarchy, with a high salary of about $108,000 per year. 

Then, on the other hand, a Vue.js developer also receives about $102,000 per year, while a Bootstrap developer earns about $103,000 per year. UmbrellaJs developers, and Cash developers all fall under a similar range. It is clear from these figures that a developer’s choice of programming language can influence their income, but there is a wide range of salary overlaps among different programming languages.

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