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All You Need to Know About Kotlin Developers’ Hourly Rates in 2023

In the United States, Kotlin Developers command an average hourly wage of $59. However, ZipRecruiter’s data showcases a broader range of earnings for these professionals. The majority of Kotlin Developers are earning between $50 and $69 per hour, representing the 25th to 75th percentiles respectively. Interestingly, the top earners, those in the 90th percentile, make around $77 per hour. This variation in compensation may be influenced by factors such as experience, specific expertise, and regional demand.

If you’re looking to hire Kotlin developers, one of the most important considerations you’ll have to make is understanding and determining the appropriate hourly rate. This guide aims to clarify the current landscape of Kotlin developers’ hourly rates and help you make informed decisions based on a range of factors.

Kotlin Developers’ Hourly Rates Across the Globe

Here’s a general estimate of the hourly rates for Kotlin developers in 2023 across the different Regions:

RegionAverage Hourly Rate
North America$60 - $120
South America$30 - $60
Western Europe$50 - $100
Eastern Europe$30 - $70
Australia$60 - $120
Asia$20 - $50
Africa$15 - $40

The following chart demonstrates the rates for Kotlin developers in the United States as shown on ZipRecruiter:

kotlin dev hourly rates ziprecruiter

Statistics from talent.com suggest that even in the United States, the salary obtained by Kotlin developers varies according to the state. The highest salary is obtained by developers in New York followed by developers in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Utah coming in tenth place.

Further, talent.com details that in the United States, the average hourly rate for a Kotlin developer is $64.76 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $52.88 per hour, while the most experienced workers can earn up to $74.98  per hour.

kotlin dev hourly rates talent.com

Exploring Kotlin Developers’ Hourly Rates vs. Other Programming Languages

Comparing Kotlin developers’ hourly rates with those of other programming languages can help put things in perspective. Rates can vary based on the popularity of the language, its demand in the market, the complexity of the language, and the availability of skilled developers. Here are the average ranges of hourly rates across several programming languages;

Programming LanguageAverage Hourly rate
Clojure$50 - $140
F#$60 - $120
Elixir$50 - $110
Ruby$50 - $120
Rust$60 - $130
Python$40 - $120
R$60 - $120
Swift$60 - $130
TypeScript$50 - $120
Objective-C$60 - $130

A Look at Kotlin Developers’ Hourly Rates vs. Database Specialists

Just as with programming languages, the hourly rates for professionals specializing in different databases can vary significantly. Here’s a list of hourly rates for various database professionals:

Database SystemAverage Hourly Rate
Cassandra$70 - $140
PostgreSQL$60 - $130
Oracle$70 - $140
MongoDB$60 - $130
MySQL$50 - $120
Couchbase$70 - $130
Microsoft SQL Server$60 - $130
ElasticSearch$60 - $130

The Breakdown of Kotlin Developer Hourly Rates vs. Cloud Solutions

As businesses increasingly move towards digital solutions and cloud-based operations, the demand for specialists in cloud solutions and Kotlin development has grown significantly. Here’s a list of hourly rates for various cloud solution specialists;

Cloud SolutionAverage Hourly rate
AWS$60 - $140
Microsoft Azure$60 - $130
Heroku$50 - $120
DigitalOcean$50 - $120
Google Cloud Platform$60 - $130
IBM Cloud or Watson Specialists$60 - $130
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure$70 - $140

How Kotlin Developer Rates Stack Up Against Web Framework Experts

The world of web development has become increasingly diverse, with a wide range of frameworks available for developers to use, and Kotlin has become a notable player in this field. Here’s a list of hourly rates for different web framework specialists:

Web FrameworkAverage hourly pay
Ruby on Rails$50 - $120
Gatsby$50 - $120
ASP.NET$60 - $130
Laravel$40 - $100
Django$50 - $120
Symfony$60 - $130
Angular$50 - $120
Vue.js$50 - $120
jQuery$40 - $110
Spring$40 - $120


This Blog post provides an insightful look into the hourly compensation for developers specializing in Kotlin. It highlights the impact of experience, geographic location, and market demand on hourly rates. This guide is a valuable resource for Kotlin developers to gauge their market value and for employers to ensure they are offering competitive rates in the fast-evolving world of app and software development.

You can check out our Kotlin Developer Annual Salary Guide to learn about the annual salary rates you can earn in the US and across the world. We bring you a complete Kotlin Developer Hiring Guide along with the Kotlin Developer Job Description and Kotlin Interview Questions guide which will help you in the process of hiring a Kotlin developer in 2023.

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