Transform User Experience in Laravel with MeiliSearch’s Instant Search Results

In the dynamic world of web applications, providing fast and relevant search results is crucial for enhancing user experience. Laravel, a popular PHP framework, offers a powerful solution for this through Laravel Scout, an engine-agnostic search solution. When combined with MeiliSearch, an open-source, lightweight search engine, Laravel Scout becomes even more potent, delivering quick, relevant search results with minimal setup. This blog post explores how Laravel Scout and MeiliSearch work together, complete with practical examples. You can hire Laravel developers for your projects to ensure greater success. 

Transform User Experience in Laravel with MeiliSearch's Instant Search Results

1. What is Laravel Scout?

Laravel Scout provides a simple, driver-based solution for adding full-text search to your Eloquent models. By default, Scout uses Algolia; however, it’s flexible enough to be paired with other search engines like MeiliSearch. The primary benefit of using Scout is its simplicity and ease of integration with Laravel applications.

2. Key Features

– Driver-based: Easily switch between various search engine drivers.

– Model synchronization: Automatically syncs search indexes with Eloquent models.

– Simple configuration: Minimal setup required to get started.

3. MeiliSearch: A Quick Overview

MeiliSearch is a RESTful search API that is fast, easy to use, and highly customizable. It’s particularly well-suited for small to medium-sized projects, offering features like typo tolerance, filters, and a high degree of relevancy in search results.

4. Why Choose MeiliSearch with Laravel Scout?

– Speed: MeiliSearch is designed for speed, ensuring quick search responses.

– Typo Tolerance: It can handle typographical errors, providing relevant results despite mistakes in the query.

– Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Laravel Scout.

5. Integrating MeiliSearch with Laravel Scout

Step 1: Installation

First, install Laravel Scout and the MeiliSearch PHP client via Composer:

composer require laravel/scout meilisearch/meilisearch-php http-client

Next, publish the Scout configuration file:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Laravel\Scout\ScoutServiceProvider"

Step 2: Configuration

Configure your `.env` file with MeiliSearch credentials:


Step 3: Model Indexing

In your Eloquent model, use the `Searchable` trait:

use Laravel\Scout\Searchable;

class Post extends Model
    use Searchable;
    // Model content

Step 4: Searching

Perform searches on your model:

$posts = Post::search('query')->get();

6. Practical Examples

Example 1: Basic Search

$results = Product::search('iPhone')->get();

This simple query searches for ‘iPhone’ in the `Product` model.

Example 2: Paginated Results

$books = Book::search('fiction')->paginate();

Pagination is essential for handling large datasets.

Example 3: Conditional Clauses

$users = User::search('John')->where('age', '>', 25)->get();

Conditional clauses refine search results further.

7. Advanced Features

MeiliSearch offers advanced search functionalities like filters, sorting, and custom ranking rules. Laravel Scout allows developers to leverage these features with ease.


Combining Laravel Scout with MeiliSearch provides a robust, flexible, and efficient search solution for Laravel applications. Its ease of use, coupled with the powerful search capabilities of MeiliSearch, makes it an excellent choice for developers looking to enhance their search functionality.

Further Reading;

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  1. Laravel Scout Official Documentation: To explore the functionalities and features offered by Laravel Scout, you can refer to the Laravel Scout documentation at Laravel Scout Documentation
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