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Hire Developers from Argentina – Reasons Why You Should Outsource Software Development to Argentina in 2023

As more and more US-based companies seek out tech talent from the Latin American region to outsource their software development requirements, Argentina has found its way into the limelight recently. Hiring developers from Argentina has become one of the most sought-after remote team outsourcing measures in 2022.

In this article, we do a deep dive into the tech talent landscape in Argentina to find out why you too should be sourcing Argentinian developers for your tech startup.

Things to know about Argentina:
  • Capital City: Buenos Aires
  • Population: 46,102,885 as of Sunday, September 11, 2022, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.
  • Currency: Argentine peso (ARS)
  • Official Language: Spanish
  • Time Zone: Argentina Standard Time / UTC-3 (One to two hours earlier than New York City) (3 hours behind coordinated universal time)
  • Ease of doing business: Argentina is ranked 126 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business, according to the latest World Bank annual ratings.

1. Benefits of outsourcing software development to Argentina:

In comparison to other popular developer hiring destinations the likes of Europe, South Asia, and Ukraine, hiring developers from Latin American countries like Argentina has its own set of advantages. Let us explore the benefits of hiring devs from Argentina in more detail:

1.1 Top ranked in tech education


Argentina as a nation has been prioritizing its education system over recent years which has led to a vast number of colleges and universities specializing in tech education as a gateway to a brighter future for its youth. Argentina as a whole ranks 29th in the world for education and they heavily focus on increasing accessibility to education and educational resources.  

According to Coursera Global Skills Index published in 2020, Argentina ranks at number 1 for technical skills such as software engineering, networking, database management, and cyber security. This level of priority in technical education ensures that the tech talent you hire from Argentina, are well adept in their skills and expertise to deliver quality output for your projects.


1.2 Time zone compatibility that makes collaboration easy


One of the greatest advantages of hiring Latin American developers is the time zone compatibility with US clients. For instance, the time zone difference between Argentina and most US states is between 3 hours. This makes it convenient to collaborate with remote teams to ensure effective feedback can be provided and projects are completed within deadlines. 

Hence hiring devs from Argentina gives you a great advantage when factoring in the time zone overlap unlike other nations like India, China, and Vietnam that offer remote tech talent with only a couple of hours of working time overlap with your team (if at all). Choosing Argentina as the location to outsource your developer allows you to streamline your project planning processes and accomplish faster results. 


1.3 Affordable developer rates compared to the US


Cost savings are one of the most sought-after reasons why US companies look at outsourcing tech talent. It’s no surprise that US-based tech talent comes with a very high price tag and for good reason. The living costs in the US make it near impossible for a US-based developer to offer their services at let’s say the same rate as a developer based in India. Other factors to be taken into account are the tax rates of different nations, average hourly rates for specific skill sets within the developers’ area of residence as well as the living costs in the dev’s geographical location.

Considering the cost of all the above is much less in Argentina in comparison to the US, this makes for much more affordable rates charged by Argentine developers.


1.4 English-speaking workforce


While the official language in Argentina is Spanish, the majority of Argentinians are multilingual. This is especially true for those with higher education qualifications.

Argentina has one of the highest English proficiency levels in the whole of Latin America. In the major metropolitan areas of the country, up to 15% of the population speaks some level of English. Additionally, Spanish being the most common second language in the US, there are quite a number of US developers who can communicate in Spanish with Argentine talent.

This makes hiring software engineers from Argentina significantly easier. Between the number of English-speaking Argentinians and Spanish-speaking Americans, it’s relatively simple to find an outsourced tech talent who can communicate with your team. This stands in contrast to other common outsourcing locations in Asia for instance, where English is less understood, and the primary language isn’t one that is common in the US. 


1.5 Cultural similarity


A lot of large companies take cultural differences between teams into account when making their hiring decisions. This is so because when undertaking creative projects the likes of software engineering and programming the likelihood of miscommunications is less when teams are synchronized in their thinking patterns and lifestyle.

As a forward-thinking nation with a large number of experienced software developers, Argentine workers have collaborated with international companies for many years now. Their international exposure coupled with the nation’s close proximity to the United States provides them with an upper hand in cultural compatibility with the US workforce. As a result, you do not have to worry about how well the Argentinian developers would blend with your existing team. 


2. What’s the cost of hiring developers from Argentina?


As with any hiring decision, the cost of talent plays a pivotal role in the final decisions. Argentinian software developers aren’t cheap, but they definitely aren’t as expensive as US-based tech talent. Argentine devs bring substantial experience and excellent work ethic at a lower cost which makes them well worth the money. Based on the seniority of talent, their individual tech tacks, and the complexity of assigned tasks, Argentinian developers can charge anywhere from $25 to $60 per hour.

On average, the yearly salaries of Argentinian developers can be categorized as below:

  • Junior developers: $931,069 ARS, or $9315.35 USD per year.
  • Mid-career developers: $1,290,731 ARS, or $12,913.76 USD per year
  • Senior developers: $1,654,782 ARS, or $16,556.09 per year

For comparison, the average software developer salary in the US is $72,725 per year for a mid-career developer. You can hire four Argentine senior developers for the same cost as hiring one US developer.


3. What’s the average yearly salary of Argentinian developers?


You can expect Junior software engineers in Argentina to make around 100,000 USD per year, while a mid-level software engineer in Brazil would take home around 130,000 USD per year. The more experienced senior developers in Brazil with at least 5 years of work experience within their specific tech stack would take home an annual salary of about 170,000 USD.


4. Hourly rates for hiring senior developers from Argentina


While you should take into consideration the monthly and yearly cost of hiring developers from Argentina, most startups and businesses may not require a year-long commitment from their tech talent.


For instance, if you’re looking to build a specific project you may require a dev with that skillset for 3 to 6 months to come on board. So the best way to determine the final cost would be to hire developers on an hourly basis after quantifying how much time it would require to build out your project. 


In today’s climate, you can expect most Argentinian developers to charge 70-120 USD per hour. In contrast to US-based developers that can charge up to 250 USD per hour, this may sound like a huge bargain.


Yet the above pricing does not include your hiring costs. Depending on how you decide to hire your Argentine developers, whether you utilize a talent marketplace or an Argentine software development company, you would incur additional hiring costs set by the platform you choose.


At CloudDevs, you can find pre-vetted senior Argentinian developers at 45-70 USD per hour, making it one of the most affordable solutions to hire elite developers from Argentina.

If you’re looking to hire LatAm developers remotely, take a look at our guide on the Top 7 Websites to Hire LATAM Developers in the Americas for more in-depth information.

5. How to outsource developers from Argentina

There are various methods available to fulfill your talent outsourcing requirements in Argentina. Let us explore the top 3 most favored methods to hire remote developers from Argentina.


5.1 Remote freelancer sites:

Nowadays you can come across a vast number of websites that cater to remote freelance services. From Upwork, Fiverr, and Workana to, most offer generic services where all manners of talents can sign on to the platforms and offer their services remotely by setting their own prices and packages. The platform may charge a small sign up-fee or take a commission from the payment you make to the freelancer you hire through their platform.


5.2 Outsourcing companies

Another method to hire your Argentine tech talent is by reaching out to companies that specialize in outsourcing. There are a number of software development outsourcing companies in Argentina the likes of ClickIT, DevLane, BPO services that offer remote developers selected from their own networks for hire.


5.3 Talent marketplaces

While the above two methods are still sought-after, nowadays the most in-demand method used to outsource developers is to utilize a talent marketplace. This method has become highly popular due to its high rate of success.

This is where vetted developer platforms the likes of CloudDevs come in. CloudDevs offered specially sourced and pre-vetted senior developers that are hand selected from the Argentine regions. When you reach out to the CloudDevs consultants and state your needs, you’re matched with a developer that has the expertise you require within 48 hours.

For more information on CloudDevs talents or to hire one today, get in touch with us here.

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