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Hire Developers from Brazil – Reasons Why You Should Outsource Software Development to Brazil in 2023

Let us have a deeper look at why you should hire developers from Brazil by taking all factors such as cost, advantages, and disadvantages into account.


Things to know about Brazil:
  • Capital City: Brasília
  • Population: 212.6 million
  • Currency: Real (R$)
  • Official Language: Portuguese
  • Time Zone: GMT-2, GMT-3, GMT-4, GMT-5
  • Ease of doing business: 124/190

1. Benefits of outsourcing software development to Brazil:

Compared to other popular talent outsourcing locations across the world, hiring remote developers from Brazil has a number of advantages. Let’s explore them briefly here:


1.1 Accessibility to a vast, highly-qualified talent pool

One thing you do not have to worry about when outsourcing developers from Brazil, is the number of quality tech talent within the region. Thanks to the Brazilian government prioritizing STEM education within their schooling systems and their focus on driving international funds to strengthen the country’s IT industry, you would not experience a shortage of high-quality talent.

The majority of Brazilian developers have pursued higher education at highly prestigious universities, and are already experienced in working with top-tier organizations that are internationally recognized.

This sound knowledge and background enable developers from Brazil to excel in any project making them highly desirable for companies that wish to maintain a low turnover.


1.2 Time zone compatibility that makes collaboration easy

Brazil’s close proximity to the United States provides a convenient time zone overlap as Brazil is only an hour ahead of the East Coast of the US. This makes it extremely convenient for businesses in the US to collaborate with their remote talent in Brazil.

In the tech space, most projects are developed in collaboration which requires constant communication and immediate responses from teammates. If the teams are too widely spread out geographically, this results in difficult coordination across time zones. Therefore, US businesses are better able to collaborate with remote developers hired from Brazil.


1.3 Affordable developer rates compared to the US

Anyone who’s had to hire tech talent from the US is aware of the steep pricing rates they come with. This is one of the main reasons why entrepreneurs and startups without a big hiring budget opt to outsource developers from Brazil. Due to the lower cost of living and average monthly salaries of developers in Brazil, they offer far more affordable rates to US companies that are working with budgetary restrictions.

Hence, choosing to hire your offshore software developers from Brazil would be a very smart move for startups in the long term.


1.4 Higher Retention Rates of Talent

Unlike other Asian regions with high attrition rates for developers due to its highly competitive nature, the Brazilian market is still not as competitive, and as a result, companies can benefit from retaining the best talent they’ve come across for upcoming projects without having to hire anew for every new project.

Not only does this allow companies to retain talent, but it also enables a smooth transition between projects saving much time that would otherwise be spent on hiring, training, and onboarding fresh talent.


1.5 Advanced IT infrastructure

Brazil is renowned for its technology infrastructure thanks to the increasing level of governmental and private investments in the sector. Home to over 90 tech parks, Brazil has developed its tech infrastructure to attract more and more startups, tech companies, and related research institutions to set up shops in the region.

As a result, the demand for tech workers in the region keeps growing and are facilitated by an even larger interest among the youth to follow careers in tech, generating a high influx of tech talent graduating each year. This makes it a favorable destination for companies to outsource offshore software development services from Brazil.

3. What’s the cost of hiring developers from Brazil?

There are several factors that influence the cost of hiring developers from Brazil. For instance, the hourly rate of senior developers from Brazil would be significantly higher than the rate of a junior developer from Brazil.

Additionally, you can expect to find variations in the rates based on which region in Brazil you’re hiring from. The higher the cost of living in a region, the higher the required pay rates would be. For instance, the cost of hiring a developer from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro would be higher than hiring from cities like Juazeiro and Petrolina.

Another important factor to consider when hiring Brazilian software developers is the tech stack you’re looking for. The technology skills vary drastically from developer to developer and their skillsets would determine the rates they request. For instance, the monthly rate of hiring a Python developer from Brazil would be around 1600 USD while hiring a PHP developer from Brazil may cost you around 1200 USD per month.


4. What’s the average yearly salary of Brazilian developers?

You can expect Junior software engineers in Brazil to make around 85,000 USD per year, while a mid-level software engineer in Brazil would take home around 95,000 USD per year. The more experienced senior developers in Brazil with at least 5 years of work experience within their specific tech stack would take home an annual salary of about 115,000 USD.


5. Hourly rates for hiring senior developers from Brazil

While it’s good to take into consideration the monthly and yearly cost of hiring developers from Brazil, we understand that most startups and businesses may not require a year-long commitment.

For instance, if you’re looking to build a specific project you may require a dev with that skillset for 3 to 6 months to come on board. So the best way to determine the final cost would be to hire developers on an hourly basis after quantifying how much time it would require to build out your project.

In today’s climate, you can expect most Brazilian developers to charge 50-60 USD per hour. In contrast to US-based developers that can charge up to 250 USD per hour, this may sound like a huge bargain.

Yet the above pricing does not include your hiring costs. Depending on how you decide to hire your Brazilian developers, whether you utilize a talent marketplace of a Brazilian software development company, you would incur additional hiring costs set by the platform you choose.

At CloudDevs, you can find pre-vetted senior Brazillian developers at 45-70 USD per hour, making it one of the most affordable solutions to hire elite developers from Brazil.


6. How to outsource developers from Brazil

There are various methods available to fulfill your talent outsourcing requirements in Brazil. Let us explore the top 3 most favored methods to hire remote developers from Brazil.


6.1 Remote freelancer sites:

Nowadays you can come across a vast number of websites that cater to remote freelance services. From UpworkFiverr, and Guru to, most offer generic services where all manners of talents can sign on to the platforms and offer their services remotely by setting their own prices and packages. The platform may charge a small sign up-fee or take a commission from the payment you make to the freelancer you hire through their platform.


6.2 Outsourcing companies  

Another method to hire your Brazilian tech talent is by reaching out to companies that specialize in outsourcing. There are a number of software development outsourcing companies in Brazil that offer remote developers selected from their own networks for hire.


6.3 Talent marketplaces

While the above two methods still exist, nowadays the most in-demand method used to outsource developers is to utilize a talent marketplace. This method has become highly popular due to its high rate of success.

This is where vetted developer platforms the likes of CloudDevs come in. CloudDevs offers specially sourced and pre-vetted senior developers that are hand-selected from the Brazilian regions. When you reach out to the CloudDevs consultants and state your needs, you’re matched with a developer who has the expertise you require within 48 hours.

For more information on CloudDevs talents or to hire one today, get in touch with us here.

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