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8 Must-Try WordPress Theme Customization Plugins

When it comes to customization, WordPress has always been a powerhouse. With over 5000 theme options available, the CMS allows users to personalize their websites right from the start. However, if you want to take your theme customization to the next level, you can rely on WordPress customization plugins.

In this article, we will explore eight of the best plugins that will help you create the perfect website.


Create Fluid Designs Across Devices Customizr is an exceptional plugin if you want to create fluid designs that work seamlessly on desktop, mobile, and tablet screens. It offers unique features such as infinite scroll, which allows visitors to scroll through your posts without navigating to the next page. The plugin also includes a customizable carousel creator to showcase your featured posts or products. With over 100 thousand websites already using Customizr, it has become one of the most highly reviewed plugins available. While Customizr is free, it requires the companion tool Nimble Builder for full functionality. You can upgrade to Customizr Pro for $59 per year or $99 for a lifetime subscription.

Visual CSS Style Editor:

User-Friendly Customization If you’re looking for an easy and user-friendly way to customize your website, Visual CSS Style Editor is the perfect choice. Its intuitive interface allows you to click on any element of your website and customize it directly. You can change colors, shapes, typography, shadows, and even add animations. The plugin also offers a live CSS editor and allows you to find specific elements by their class, ID, or HTML tag. The free version covers all basic configurations, but you can opt for the premium version starting from $26 for additional features such as an animation generator and access to Unsplash stock photos.


Essential Tools for Theme Customization Customify provides all the essential tools you need to customize your theme. Although it offers fewer advanced features, it covers the basics like colors, fonts, text fields, and a CSS editor. The plugin’s presets feature allows you to save configurations and apply them to other pages easily. Customify is a free plugin that is suitable for beginners who prefer a simpler interface without overwhelming options.

TJ Custom CSS:

Lightweight CSS Customization For users familiar with CSS files and comfortable editing them, TJ Custom CSS is a lightweight and free plugin that provides essential customization capabilities. You can use the WordPress customizer to get a live preview while working with this plugin. TJ Custom CSS supports child themes, allowing you to make unlimited customizations without affecting your main theme. This plugin is ideal for enthusiasts or professionals who have a good understanding of CSS.

CSS Hero:

Intuitive Interface with Complete Customization Tools CSS Hero is a highly regarded plugin known for its intuitive interface and comprehensive editing tools. With CSS Hero, you can point and click on any element of your website to customize it according to your preferences. The plugin offers a live preview and allows you to inspect your site’s appearance on various devices. It also provides ReadyMade Snippets for quick changes to multiple elements with specific styles. CSS Hero offers a range of pricing options starting from $25 per year for one site, up to $249 for a lifetime plan, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This plugin caters to both beginners and experts who require unlimited design possibilities.


Redesign Elements without Losing Previous Customizations Switcher addresses a common issue in theme customization by allowing you to load and unload stylesheets without losing previous changes. This feature enables you to test different redesigns independently without affecting the rest of your site. Switcher is an affordable plugin priced at $18, providing a hassle-free and straightforward solution for theme customization.

WP Theme Customizer by phpbaba:

Advanced Customization Options WP Theme Customizer by phpbaba is a powerful plugin that offers advanced customization options for your WordPress theme. It allows you to modify various aspects of your theme, including colors, fonts, backgrounds, header, footer, and more. The plugin provides a user-friendly interface with real-time previews, so you can see the changes as you make them.


Drag-and-Drop Page Builder with Theme Customization Although primarily known as a page builder plugin, Elementor also offers powerful theme customization features. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily design and customize your website without any coding knowledge.


These eight WordPress theme customization plugins offer a range of options to personalize your website according to your preferences. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, you can find a plugin that suits your needs and provides the level of customization you desire. From visual editors and CSS customization tools to drag-and-drop page builders, these plugins empower you to create unique and stunning websites on WordPress.

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