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Inside the Paycheck: Discover How Much You Can Make as a Yii Developer

In the United States, the average hourly rate for a Yii developer is $52, as per ZipRecruiter’s data. However, this can vary; less experienced developers or those in areas with lower living costs earn about $43 per hour (25th percentile), while experienced developers in high-demand locations can make up to $58 per hour (75th percentile). Therefore, a developer’s experience and location significantly impact their earning potential.

How Yii Developer Rates Grow with Experience

The earning potential for Yii developers significantly increases as they gain experience. A junior developer might start with an hourly rate as low as $35, but by the time they become a senior developer, their rate could nearly double, reaching up to $70 per hour. This emphasizes the importance of investing in skills development, as it has a clear impact on earning potential.

Experience LevelAverage Hourly Rate
Entry-Level$35 - $50
Mid-Level$45 - $60
Senior-Level$55 - $70

Yii Developer Hourly Rates in Different Regions

Yii developers’ rates fluctuate significantly across different regions due to varying factors such as cost of living, market demand, and local economic conditions. North America, Western Europe, and Australia typically offer the highest rates, reflecting their strong economies and high demand for tech skills. On the other hand, regions like Asia, Africa, and South America tend to have lower rates. Regardless of the region, it’s clear that with more experience comes higher earning potential.

RegionAverage Hourly Rate
North America$40 - $70
South America$20 - $40
Western Europe$40 - $60
Eastern Europe$25 - $45
Australia$45 - $65
Asia$15 - $35
Africa$15 - $30

A Comparative Look at Developer Hourly Rates in PHP Frameworks

Each PHP framework has its unique capabilities, and the expertise required to use these frameworks can influence the hourly rates of developers. Here’s a breakdown of the average hourly rates for developers specialized in each PHP framework:

PHP FrameworkAverage Hourly Rate
Laravel$40 - $70
CodeIgniter$35 - $60
Symfony$45 - $80
Cake PHP$35 - $55
Fuel PHP$40 - $65
Zend$45 - $80
PHPixie$30 - $50
Phalcon$40 - $60

Comparatively, Yii developers, with an average rate of $43 to $58 per hour, have competitive rates in the PHP framework market. Although some specialized PHP frameworks such as Symfony and Zend can command higher rates due to their complexity and robustness, 

Yii’s balance of power, flexibility, and performance makes it a popular choice, and thus the rates of Yii developers remain in a comparable range with other PHP developers. The variation in rates ultimately reflects the balance between the demand for specific skills in the job market and the supply of developers proficient in these frameworks.

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