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Top 15 Angular Developer Sites

If you have been exploring the freelancing world, you might have already experienced the power of hiring platforms. While some say it’s a hit or miss, we are here to shed light on the gems where finding skilled Angular developers is a breeze. Forget the naysayers – the right platforms can be gold mines for building your dream team. This is our guide to help you figure out which freelancing or developer company platform can help you hire Angular developers in 2024.


Top 15 Sites to Hire Angular Developers in 2024


In this article, we are diving into the top 15 sites to hire Angular developers for your software application development projects. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just stepping into the world of hiring tech talent, we have got the lowdown on where to find the best Angular developers for your projects. 


1. CloudDevs – Top pick – Hire Angular Developers from Your Timezone



CloudDevs offers clients the opportunity to hire Angular developers with a cost-saving pricing model. Clients benefit from a transparent hourly rate of $45-70, leading to potential savings of up to 50-60% compared to local or other platform hires. The skilled Angular developers provided by CloudDevs boast an average of 7+ years of senior-level experience, ensuring expertise in their field. With time-zone alignment for effective collaboration, clients also have the global hiring option at a flat rate of $35 per hour, further emphasizing the proficiency and accessibility of CloudDevs’ Angular developers.

Pricing: Developers charge according to an hourly rate of $45 – $70, and developers can be hired within 24 hours.


2. Remotebase – Hire the Best Angular developers


Remotebase is an advanced freelancing platform linking businesses with top-notch remote talent globally. Specializing in remote team management, it simplifies the process of finding, hiring, and overseeing skilled professionals for projects. Offering a broad spectrum of freelancing services, Remotebase spans software development, design, marketing, customer support, and more. Employers can explore a diverse talent pool, choosing skilled professionals tailored to their project needs. For those seeking to elevate their projects, Remotebase is a go-to platform for hiring Angular developers renowned for their expertise and proficiency in delivering quality results.

Pricing: Developers can be hired within 24 hours, and pricing information can be obtained by contacting Remotebase.


3. – Hire Remote Angular Developers



Gaper exclusively collaborates with the top 1% of engineers, boasting experience from renowned companies like Stripe, Oracle, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. With global availability for both part-time and full-time positions, hiring skilled Angular developers through Gaper is seamless. 

To initiate the process, one simply needs to fill out a form for a quote and schedule a call with their team. Gaper stands out with a risk-free two-week policy, ensuring payment only if satisfaction is met. Offering competitive prices and unwavering quality, Gaper’s team of Angular developers brings top-tier expertise to craft tailored and dependable software solutions.

Pricing: You receive a flexible contract with monthly billing.


4. Fiverr – Best Angular Developer Services To Buy Online 


On Fiverr, individuals can engage professionals across different domains, starting at as low as $5 per task or per hour. For those looking to hire Angular developers remotely, the platform offers a range of pricing options, making it accessible to diverse budgets. However, unlike Turing or Topal, or other developer talent-hiring platforms, Fiverr lacks a vetting process, leaving the responsibility of assessing freelancers solely on the buyer.

While the pricing structure is flexible, the skills of freelance developers on Angular developer sites like Fiverr span from entry-level proficiency to seasoned experts with decades of experience. Consider carefully when seeking to hire Angular developers through this platform.

Pricing: Developers set their charging ranges, and developers can be hired according to availability.


5. Toptal – Offshore Angular Developers for Hire


Toptal mainly functions as a network tailored for companies seeking Software Developers. Their Angular developers are highly skilled, undergoing a rigorous 5-stage recruitment process involving language, personality tests, and practical projects. This meticulous selection ensures only the most qualified candidates make it through. Within 48 hours of consultation, you are connected with a proficient industry expert. Toptal offers flexibility, allowing you to hire Angular developers on sites like this as needed, paying them hourly or on a full-time salary basis. Collaborate closely, and payment is released only upon task completion to your satisfaction. Additionally, Toptal provides the option to request a replacement freelancer if needed.

Pricing: Developers can be hired on an hourly basis or project basis and the charges depend accordingly. 


6. Upwork – Angular Developers for Hire


Upwork platform facilitates millions of job postings annually, enabling freelancers to earn over $1 billion and offering expertise in over 3,500 skills every year. Skilled Angular developers are available for hire on Upwork, where freelancers can choose projects aligned with their interests and expertise and select any available project if they can manage it individually without a team’s support. With a diverse global client base, freelancers can explore opportunities beyond their geographical limits. While joining Upwork is free, freelancers can opt for a Plus plan at $10 per month. A service fee is applicable, ranging from 20% for jobs under $500 to 5% for earnings over $10,000.

Pricing: Developers set their hourly rates, and developers can be hired according to availability.


7. – Source Expert Angular developers, while not as widely recognized as Turing, shows great potential as a freelance platform. It distinguishes itself among other top platforms, offering an excellent but higher-cost service for hiring freelance software engineers. As a platform exclusively dedicated to software developer recruitment, this is one of the angular developer sites that provide exceptional customer service and a swift matching process when you post a project brief. Similar to Turing, Topal, and CloudDevs, ensures quality through a rigorous verification process, conducting in-depth interviews to confirm their applicants’ skills. 

Pricing: The entire hiring process takes about 13 days and developers do not have a standard price at


8. Guru – Pick from Expert Web Developers Online


Guru boasts a freelancer marketplace teeming with over 2 million skilled freelancers, offering their services without any sign-up or job posting costs. The platform ensures secure transactions through SafePay. For those looking to hire Angular developers, Guru simplifies management through integrated WorkRooms. Guru provides excellent customer support, addressing freelancer and buyer concerns promptly, whether technical or financial.

Pricing: You can receive a quote from the developers.


9. Revelo – Top Remote Angular Developers


Revelo is the link between recruiters and skilled Angular developers in Latin America, aligned with US time zones. Their developers, thoroughly assessed for both technical and soft skills, collaborate with client businesses on a full-time basis, ensuring dedicated commitment. Similar to other Angular developer sites, Revelo handles the legal aspects of hiring Latin American engineers, and managing payroll and benefits seamlessly. If you are looking to elevate your team, Revelo is your go-to for hiring Angular developers with the expertise needed to enhance your projects.

Pricing: Developers can be hired within two weeks, and the pricing of developers depends on the developer.


10. Peopleperhour – Find the Best Freelance Angular Developers 


PeoplePerHour (PPH) stands out as a widely-used online platform linking businesses and entrepreneurs with talented freelancers globally. Established in 2007, PPH is a preferred destination for those in search of top-notch services at competitive rates. When it comes to hiring Angular developers, PPH is the place to go. Their pool of over 2 million skilled professionals is equipped with expertise across various industries, ensuring that businesses find the right freelancer for their web development and other business-related needs at PeoplePerHour.

Pricing: Developers set their rates according to an hourly basis, and developers can be hired according to availability.


11. Hubstaff Talent – Hire Freelance Developers and Development Companies


Hubstaff Talent, a recently established platform, offers a free signup experience. Despite lacking a formal screening process, it endeavors to connect freelancers with fitting jobs. Users can explore developer profiles and rates without the necessity of signing up, distinguishing it from Turing or Topal, where registration is mandatory for accessing their marketplace. When looking to hire Angular developers, Hubstaff Talent showcases the skills of their Angular developers through accessible profiles, making it easy for potential employers to find the right fit for their projects.

Pricing: Developers set their hourly rates and developers can be hired according to availability.


12. Pangara – Future-Proof Software Development Services


Established by Swedish entrepreneurs, Pangara operates as a platform connecting businesses with skilled Vietnamese developers and engineers, headquartered in Stockholm. The hiring process involves comprehensive screening, including psychometric exams, technical tests, and interviews, ensuring candidates possess both soft skills and programming expertise. By posting a job on Pangara, it becomes visible to their pool of engineers, who can apply for the opportunity. In case of project cancellation, a 10 business days’ written notice is required, providing flexibility for both clients and developers. Companies seeking to elevate their projects can confidently hire Angular developers through Pangara’s proficient platform.

Pricing: Panagara has not made its pricing information public. To obtain more details on these Angular developer sites, interested parties will need to contact them directly.


13. Crewscale – Hire top Angular developers with Ease


Crewscale seamlessly links startups, unicorns, and global enterprises to a vast network of pre-evaluated and domain-specific tech talent worldwide. They enable the hiring of the top 1% of global remote talent, offering a streamlined four-step hiring process to ensure access to the best tech professionals globally. Companies looking to enhance their teams can easily hire Angular developers through Crewscale, benefiting from the expertise and skills of their highly capable Angular developers. With an emphasis on efficiency, Crewscale simplifies remote work processes and facilitates smooth coordination, making it a valuable resource for companies seeking skilled Angular developers.

Pricing: You can contact CrewScale for a direct quote.


14. Devsquad – Hire Angular Developers Online


DevSquad comprises a team of over 80 skilled developers dedicated to assisting successful entrepreneurs in bringing their SaaS ideas to life. They go beyond project development, engaging in the entire product development process. DevSquad’s services include SaaS Development, Startup MVP Development, and Enterprise Modernization. Their process involves small teams of 2-6 developers, emphasizing efficiency and precision, with paired developers working together when faced with complex challenges. 

Each developer is carefully chosen based on their expertise, ensuring a custom-built team perfectly suited for the client’s needs. DevSquad prioritizes writing quality code with automated tests, and they operate on short development cycles, delivering features daily and weekly. For those looking to hire Angular developers, DevSquad’s skilled team offers expertise in Angular development to meet diverse project requirements efficiently.

Pricing: You can hire unvetted developers at $15 and developers can be hired immediately.


15. – Hiring Angular Devs Simplified


Hired operates globally as an online platform dedicated to assisting businesses in filling remote job positions, and collaborating with professionals on flexible schedules. Esteemed companies such as Zopa, Dropbox, and Betterup have leveraged Hired’s talent network. Whether a startup or a large corporation, Hired aids in finding the most suitable Angular developer for the job and evaluating candidates for skill, experience, and salary expectations. They offer upfront candidate information and a free software engineering assessment tool, deployable remotely to assess the technical proficiency of potential Angular developers. Businesses seeking to hire Angular developers can rely on Hired’s skilled talent pool.

Pricing: You can contact for pricing information.



In conclusion, Angular is a popular application framework, and with each day it becomes more popular and more popular, the need for good Angular developers keeps surging sky high. Our top 15 platforms to hire Angular developers bring you the chance to explore different options of choices, from developers in Asia to developers in Latin America and more. Each platform offers unique advantages for those looking for Angular developer sites. 

To navigate this diverse range of choices successfully, employers should not only focus on the hiring process but also consult resources like the CloudDevs’ Angular Developers Hiring Guide for insights. CloudDevs also offers other resources specifically focused on Angular, including guides for crafting effective Angular job descriptions, asking the right interview questions to hire Angular devs, and understanding the Angular developer hourly rates and annual salaries of Angular developers. With these considerations, businesses can make informed decisions and build a skilled Angular development team tailored to their needs. 

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