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Ionic Insights: The Hourly Rate Guide Every Mobile Developer Needs

In the United States, the average hourly rate for an Ionic Developer stands at $55. Most Ionic Developers earn between $43 and $67, representing the 25th to 75th percentiles, respectively. However, those in the top 10%, the highest earners, can command rates as high as $75 per hour.

What’s the Average Hourly Rate for Ionic Developers

Based on data from ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and, there are noticeable variations in developer rates across different experience levels and platforms. Glassdoor consistently offers the highest rates across all experience levels, followed closely by 

ZipRecruiter, on the other hand, tends to provide slightly lower rates than the other two platforms for the same experience tiers. However, for mid-level developers, ZipRecruiter and are closely matched, with only a slight edge for Glassdoor. 

Comparative Earnings for Ionic Developers Around the World

North America and Australia lead the pack with the highest hourly rates for Ionic developers, closely trailed by Western Europe. South America, Asia, and Africa offer more affordable  rates, with Eastern Europe positioned in the mid-range. The variation in these rates can be attributed to factors like cost of living, local tech industry strength, and supply-demand dynamics in each region.

Here’s an estimated breakdown of developer hourly rate ranges based on location:

RegionAverage Hourly Rate (USD)
North America$50 - $80
South America$25 - $45
Western Europe$45 - $70
Eastern Europe$30 - $50
Australia$50 - $75
Asia$20 - $40
Africa$15 - $35

Hourly Rate Comparisons with Today’s Top Mobile Application Development Frameworks

React Native stands out with the highest hourly rates, attributed to its strong backing, community support, and widespread adoption. Flutter, with its rapid growth and modern development approach, also commands competitive rates. 

Older technologies like jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap, while still in use, have seen a decline in demand, reflecting in their relatively lower rates. Swiftic, being a more niche platform, has rates on the lower end of the spectrum. In essence, the rate is often a direct reflection of current market demand, technological advancement, and community support for each framework.

Mobile Application Development FrameworkAverage Hourly Rate (USD)
React Native$60 - $90
Flutter$55 - $85
Xamarin$50 - $80
NativeScript$45 - $75
PhoneGap (Apache Cordova)$40 - $70
jQuery Mobile$35 - $65
Swiftic$30 - $60

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