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Top 15 Sites to Hire Ionic Developers

Ionic is a popular open-source platform that enables developers to build high-quality cross-platform mobile applications and Progressive Web Apps using web libraries, frameworks, and languages such as Angular, React, Vue, and more. Ionic offers a range of features and tools to enhance your mobile development experience, such as Capacitor, Ionic Framework, and Appflow.



The demand for skilled Ionic developers is high, reflecting the platform’s popularity and versatility. However, finding the right talent, and choosing among the myriad of options can be challenging. With varying levels of expertise, not all platforms deliver, leaving businesses in a cycle of trial and error and unsatisfactory results.


Top 15 Sites to Hire Ionic Developers in 2024


Finding the best hiring options and platforms to see and find talented developers can be confusing with so many different companies and talent platforms available. Each platform has its own features, pricing schemes, and more, and these can make your hiring decision a hard one.

This guide shows the top 15 sites to hire Ionic developers this year. This resource will prove invaluable in aiding you to make informed decisions when seeking to hire Ionic developers for your mobile development endeavors in 2024.


1. CloudDevs – Find and Hire Devs Online


CloudDevs - Find and Hire Devs Online


CloudDevs is a talent platform with 8000+ screened developers from Latin America. Find Ionic developers in 24 hours, aligned with your timezone. Benefit from a three-step screening process and a 1-week free trial for satisfaction. If not pleased, get a refund or a new developer. Choose CloudDevs for efficient Ionic app development with skilled professionals in your local time zone.

Pricing: Developers charge according to an hourly rate of $45 – $70, and developers can be hired within 24 hours.


2. Toptal – Elite Freelance Ionic Developers in 48 Hours


Toptal is the go-to platform for hiring freelance Ionic developers quickly, connecting clients with top talent in under 48 hours. Boasting a 98% success rate, Toptal’s premier marketplace accepts only 3% of Ionic freelancer applicants, ensuring top-tier quality. Clients enjoy a risk-free trial period to assess freelancers, and Toptal’s rigorous vetting process evaluates essential soft skills, including English proficiency. If you’re seeking remote freelance Ionic developers, Toptal is the top choice for efficient and high-quality recruitment.

Pricing: You can contact the company for pricing. 


3. Upwork – Freelance Ionic Framework Developers For Hire


Upwork - Freelance Ionic Framework Developers For Hire


Upwork, a massive freelance marketplace, boasts over twelve million contractors, ready to assist in various projects, including those requiring Ionic freelancers. However, it’s not exclusively tailored for technical talent, lacking stringent screening compared to other platforms. Positioned as the global work marketplace, Upwork serves everyone from startups to 30% of Fortune 100 companies. In 2021, its talent community earned over $3.3 billion across 10,000 skills.

Pricing:  You can contact the company for pricing.


4. Turing –  Hire Ionic Developers in 4 Days | 14-Day Risk-Free Trial


Turing -  Hire Ionic Developers in 4 Days | 14-Day Risk-Free Trial


Turing revolutionizes recruiting for the digital age, replacing the slow and outdated model with an AI-driven Talent Cloud. It connects top engineers globally with companies like Pepsi, Bumble, and Dell. With a two-week risk-free trial, businesses can effortlessly match with vetted remote talent. Turing’s platform reshapes developer recruitment, ensuring tailored matches to business needs. For career seekers, Turing offers high-growth remote opportunities in U.S. software jobs across 15 roles and 100+ technologies. It’s a deep jobs platform linking the top 1% of global engineers with leading U.S. and Silicon Valley companies. Discover your next career move at

Pricing:-  You can contact the company for pricing. This Hourly Rates Guide will help with the hiring process. 


5.  – Find Top Ionic Framework Developers for Hire  - Find Top Ionic Framework Developers for Hire, founded in 2009 by CEO Matt Barrie, is a leading global freelance marketplace headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Acting as a hub for business clients and independent contractors, it has grown significantly, acquiring other freelancer platforms and expanding its presence worldwide. With over 49 million registered users and 19 million job postings, continues to demonstrate remarkable growth.

Pricing:-  Developers set their ranges, and you can hire developers according to availability. Read our Interview Questions Guide to gain a better understanding. 

6. Truelancer – Hire Best Freelance Ionic Framework


Truelancer - Hire Best Freelance Ionic Framework


Truelancer, a global freelance marketplace established in September 2014, boasts a network of over 600,000 freelance professionals. Businesses utilizing Truelancer can readily hire freelancers and contractors to efficiently scale their operations. The platform offers the additional convenience of purchasing listed service gigs for prompt commencement of work, saving valuable time. It serves as an online marketplace facilitating connections between clients and freelancers worldwide, ensuring a swift, secure, and flexible process. With a vast pool of more than 600,000 freelancers, Truelancer provides a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking on-demand, authentic, and experienced professionals.

Pricing:-  Truelancer has a pricing range for an hour starting from $0 to $ 200 per developer.


7. Scalable Path – Efficiently Connects Freelance Ionic Developer Teams with Projects


Scalable Path - Efficiently Connects Freelance Ionic Developer Teams with Projects


Scalable Path efficiently connects freelance Ionic developer teams with projects in a matter of weeks, similar to Toptal. The screening tasks are expertly handled by Scalable Path, making it a viable option for those uncertain about the screening process. It excels in assembling on-demand specialist teams, complete with experienced team leads. However, Toptal remains a top choice due to its elite developer base and quicker turnaround time. A minimum $7,500 contract is required on this platform. Tech experts conduct thorough vetting through interviews and role-specific skill tests. Scalable Path offers a risk-free trial period for assessing developer compatibility.

Pricing:  You can contact the company for hiring and pricing details.


8. Wellfound – Connects U.S. Employers with Global Tech Talent


Wellfound - Connects U.S. Employers with Global Tech Talent


Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Wellfound connects U.S. employers with global tech talent. With 130,000+ startups benefiting, it offers free and paid global job posting plans. Employers access an 8 million-profile database, with advanced filters and ATS compatibility. Formerly AngelList, Wellfound receives positive Quora reviews but mixed Sitejabber ratings due to concerns about outdated listings and user-friendliness.

Pricing:  You can contact the company through the website for hiring and pricing details. Read our Job Descriptions Guide to simplify the hiring process. 


9. Trio dev – Preferred Choice for Startups and Small Businesses


Trio dev - Preferred Choice for Startups and Small Businesses


Trio has swiftly emerged as a preferred choice for startups and small businesses in the United States seeking a reliable software engineering department. Their primary focus revolves around the recruitment of skilled engineers, elevating their professional and technical capabilities tenfold, and facilitating the scaling of engineering teams for companies. The essence of Trio’s operations lies in technical recruitment, advanced training, and operations management. They streamline the process of building high-performance teams that seamlessly integrate into organizations, all while preserving the unique business culture. Trio serves as the go-to partner for obtaining on-demand expert software engineers, offering tailored solutions for both one-time project support and long-term collaborations.

Pricing:-  You can hire a developer through the website and contact the company for further information about pricing. This Interview Questions Guide will be insightful during the hiring process. 

10. Revelo – Top Remote Ionic Developers for Hire


Revelo - Top Remote Ionic Developers for Hire


Revelo is the go-to platform for U.S. companies hiring remote software developers from Latin America. With the largest network of pre-vetted English-speaking developers in the region, Revelo addresses the U.S. talent shortage by providing quick access to skilled developers in the same time zone. The platform’s transparent pricing covers everything, from sourcing and hiring to payroll, taxes, and local compliance. Revelo has helped enterprises and startups build top-notch software teams, ensuring swift talent acquisition and better business outcomes. The platform represents a talent pool of 300,000 tech professionals and offers a turnkey solution for U.S. companies seeking high-performing remote development teams.

Pricing: Developers can be hired within 2 weeks, and the pricing of developers depends on the developer.


11. Mobilunity – Global Provider Specializing in Dedicated Development Teams


Revelo - Top Remote Ionic Developers for Hire


Mobilunity, a global provider, specializes in dedicated Ukrainian development teams. Focused on the 3Rs of Nearshoring—Relationships, Recruitment, and Retention—they unite worldwide companies with top-notch talent. With over 1000 projects globally, Mobilunity offers expertise in out-staffing, development, QA, design, and support. Their recruitment team swiftly builds professional teams, extending in-house capabilities or hiring experts within weeks. From inception to maintenance, Mobilunity’s development and QA teams provide comprehensive support. Their web designers create innovative solutions, and support specialists offer 24/7 user support and content services. Driven by passion, Mobilunity’s experienced specialists collaborate to bring clients’ projects to fruition.

Pricing:  You can request a quote through the company website.


12. Procoders – Find Outstaff Programmers for Hire


Procoders - Find Outstaff Programmers for Hire


ProCoders operates as an IT Staff Augmentation firm, boasting a workforce exceeding 100 software engineers dedicated to a collective goal: providing top-tier talent to our client’s IT departments. Since its establishment in 2015, ProCoders has expanded the reach of over 150 engineering teams across North America and globally. The company prioritizes the recruitment of exceptional IT professionals, meticulously crafting custom engineering teams tailored to meet the specific needs of its partners. ProCoders’ reputation for clarity, transparency, and honesty has fostered a significant portion of its clientele through referrals, as the company consistently fulfills commitments and refrains from making promises it cannot keep.

Pricing: You can contact the company for further information on pricing and hiring. This Ionic Developer Annual Salary Guide will give you an understanding of rates. 


13. Proxify – People-Centric Hiring Ally Offering Motivated Remote Developers 


Proxify - People-Centric Hiring Ally Offering Motivated Remote Developers 


Proxify operates as an exceptionally amiable, people-centric hiring ally, adopting a personalized approach to deliver high-caliber and motivated remote developers tailored to match specific technology and team requirements. With a broad reach, the company collaborates with over 1000 entities spanning 30 different countries, including SaaS startups, Fintech, and AI-focused Deeptech companies, as well as established enterprises in Media, Electronics, and Finance. As a rapidly expanding platform, Proxify specializes in outsourcing to European-based technology firms, providing a freelance working environment with opportunities for foreign exchange income, exposure to cutting-edge technologies, and collaboration with proficient developers. The platform emphasizes business continuity, offering a flexible work environment managed through its system’s Panel.

Pricing:  Proxify Charge 31.90 Euros per hour and you can hire a developer within 2 days.


14. Gigster – Facilitating Businesses in Finding Skilled Developers

Gigster - Facilitating Businesses in Finding Skilled Developers


Gigster, a San Francisco-based company, is relied upon by prominent global enterprises. It facilitates businesses in finding exceptionally skilled Swift developers with experience at renowned institutions such as Google, Microsoft, Y Combinator, and Stanford University. Gigster’s elite developer team specializes in crafting transformative software solutions, contributing to digital transformation for businesses. Employing an elastic staffing technique, Gigster dynamically adjusts teams’ skill combinations, effectively mitigating project risks and enhancing overall project adaptability.

Pricing:  You can contact the company for hiring details and pricing.


15. Fiverr – Leading Online Freelance Marketplace Connecting Businesses with Skilled Freelancers


Fiverr - Leading Online Freelance Marketplace Connecting Businesses with Skilled Freelancers


Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Fiverr is a leading online freelance marketplace connecting businesses with skilled freelancers across various job categories. Recruiters easily find talented Swift developers for their projects. While Fiverr doesn’t screen candidates, it offers refunds for unsatisfactory services. The platform’s strong customer support makes it a trusted choice for recruiters. With a diverse range of programming languages, activity tracking for better communication and trust from thousands of businesses, Fiverr ensures satisfaction in freelance hiring.

Pricing: Fiverr developers charge for the project by setting their rates, and developers can be hired anytime according to availability. 




In conclusion, Ionic developers play a crucial role in modern web and mobile app development, offering advanced features and seamless user experiences. Their expertise in creating fast and flexible mobile apps makes them invaluable assets to businesses in 2024.

For enterprises seeking skilled Ionic developers, CloudDevs is your strategic partner, providing comprehensive guidance throughout the hiring process. You can check out CloudDevs’s Ionic Developer Hiring Guide for a thorough understanding of key considerations when recruiting Ionic talent. Access essential resources such and make well-informed decisions for a successful journey in hiring and collaborating with Ionic developers. Trust CloudDevs to streamline your Ionic development projects with a team of proficient professionals aligned with your specific needs.

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