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Objective C Courses and Certifications to Boost Your Coding Skills in 2023

Objective-C has firmly established itself as a prominent programming language suitable for a diverse range of applications, experiencing widespread adoption across businesses of all sizes. Objective-C equips developers with the tools to effectively create robust applications, resulting in a growing demand for skilled Objective-C developers.

If you are enthusiastic about improving your Objective-C skills or beginning a career in Objective-C development as an Objective-C developer, exploring certification programs or enrolling in relevant courses can offer significant benefits. In this article, we will delve into some of the top Objective-C certification options and courses available in 2023.

1. Foundations of Objective C App Development by Coursera

The ‘’Foundations of Objective-C App Development’’ is a course offered by the University of California on Coursera. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Objective-C programming. Instructed by Don Patterson and available for free enrollment with financial aid options, the course takes approximately 15 hours to complete. 

Learners gain essential skills in iOS app development, programming, Xcode, and Objective-C. The course, taught in English with subtitles available, covers programming syntax, variables, conditionals, and loops in four modules. 

The course modules are;

  1. Get Ready. Get Set. Go! : This is the first section of this course, and you will learn the fundamentals of the language, gaining insights into its syntax and core concepts to establish a solid foundation for iOS and MACOS development.
  2. Functions, Scopes, and Encapsulation – oh my!: In this section, you will learn the functions, scopes, and encapsulation as you progress through the course.
  3. Object Lesson: In this section, you will learn comprehensive object-oriented programming, discover how to design and implement classes, leverage inheritance, and polymorphism, and architect robust, reusable code structures in objective c.  
  4. System Libraries to the Rescue: You will learn the system libraries, how to leverage built-in frameworks and libraries to streamline your objective c development process, saving time and enhancing the functionality of your applications.

Upon completion, participants can read and write Objective-C, understand Objective-C objects, and prototype entry-level apps. 

2. iOS 11 and Objective C – Complete Developer Course by Udemy

The ‘’iOS 11 and Objective-C – Complete Developer Course’’ is an Objective C on Udemy, instructed by Aaron Caines, with over 1,100 students enrolled. Tailored for iOS 11 development with Objective-C, the course covers Xcode 9, iOS 11 programming, app and game development, and Objective-C essentials. The course learners gain skills in supporting diverse devices, generating app revenue, and starting a new career.

The course modules are;

  1. Introduction: In this Objective-C course, you’ll learn the language, gaining a solid foundation for iOS development and macOS applications.
  2. The Basics of Xcode 9: This section will explore the fundamental aspects of Xcode 9, the indispensable integrated development environment for Objective-C, essential for creating robust and efficient applications.
  3. Objective-C Functions: You will dive into Objective-C’s powerful functions, mastering their use to create modular and reusable code for streamlined application development.
  4. Objective-C Actions: Here, you will learn how to implement actions in Objective-C, enabling dynamic response to user interactions and enhancing the interactivity of your applications.
  5. Objective-C Views: This section will teach you to understand the intricacies of Objective-C views, delving into the creation and management of user interfaces for seamless and engaging app experiences.
  6. Objective-C Visuals: You will explore the visual elements of Objective-C, mastering techniques for graphics and animations to create visually appealing and dynamic applications.
  7. Objective-C Audio and Video: This topic will delve into Objective-C’s capabilities in handling audio and video, unlocking the potential to incorporate multimedia features into your applications.
  8. Objective-C Tab Bar Business Application: You will gain expertise in building business applications using Objective-C, with a focus on implementing efficient tab bar navigation for enhanced user experience.
  9. Objective-C Social: You will learn to integrate social features into your Objective-C applications, connecting users and enhancing engagement through social media platforms.
  10. Objective-C Revenue: This section teaches you to understand how to monetize your Objective-C applications, exploring strategies and tools to generate revenue through app development.
  11. Objective-C Universal Support: You will learn about creating universally supported applications in Objective-C, ensuring compatibility across various Apple devices for broader user reach.

By the end of this course, you will gain a certificate of completion. 

3. Learning Objective-C Programming by Udemy

Learning Objective-C Programming course is an Objective-C certification course on Udemy, instructed by Jesse Feiler, offering a foundational understanding of the C-based language crucial for Mac and iOS applications. With a rating of 3.5 out of 5 from 86 reviews and over 550 students enrolled, the course is tailored for those with basic programming knowledge. 

The curriculum delves into key areas such as message communication, code customization, class creation, debugging, and more. Ideal for aspiring developers, this course on Udemy provides practical skills for mastering the backbone language of iOS and Mac development. 

The course modules are;

  1. Introduction: This section covers a course introduction and an overview, and lists out the things you will learn throughout this Objective C course.
  2. Working with Xcode: This is the first study module, and it covers what Objective C is, setting up Xcode, creating a new project, and understanding the basic structure of an Objective C program.
  3. Understanding Objective C: In this section, you will learn about declaring variables, working with different data types, and understanding the scope of variables.
  4. Looking at the structure of an Objective C App – The Code Story: Here, you will learn about conditional statements such as if, else if, and else, switch statements, loops such as for loop, while loop, and do-while loop.
  5. Using declared properties: In this section, you will learn about defining and calling functions, function parameters, and returning values from functions.
  6. Managing memory: Here, you will learn about managing memory arrays, creating and assessing arrays, multidimensional arrays, and sorting arrays.
  7. Creating a class: In this section, you will learn about creating and using classes, nested structures and classes, and unions.
  8. Working with the collection classes: In this section, you will learn about using a collection of classes in objective c development.
  9. Using the debugger: This section covers breakpoints such as setting breakpoints, exploring values, editing breakpoints, stepping through code, and using NSLog.
  10. Using protocols and delegates: In this section, you will learn about dealing with the multiple inheritance issue, looking at a protocol, using a protocol and delegate, and finally, reviewing a protocol and delegate.
  11. Working with extensions and categories: In this topic, you will learn about using class extensions, and how to use class categories.
  12. Using blocks: Here, you will learn about introducing blocks, getting inside a block, and how to use a block.
  13. Handling exceptions: In this section, you will learn about error handling, including deciding what causes an error, using the try-catch paradigm, and throwing an exception.
  14. Using the target action pattern: This is the final course module, and in this topic, you will learn about target-action pattern, and exploring the button Init.

By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of using Xcode and Apple development tools to create functional code, and how to create and customize iOS apps based on Xcode templates.

4. A tour of Objective C for .NET developers on Pluralsight

A Tour of Objective-C for .NET Developer is a course available on Pluralsight. This course is taught by Ben Scheirman, an experienced iOS developer, and is designed to help .NET developers get started with Objective-C. It covers the basics of the language, including strings, numbers, dates, working with a SQLite database, and accessing a remote JSON API. The course creator is Ben Scheirman.

The course has a duration of 5 hours and 20 seconds.

The course modules are;

  1. What…is…This? : This is the introduction module and it has a video lecture of 43 minutes covering a complete app development tour.
  2. Strings: In this section, you will learn what strings are, how strings are used and managed in Objective C.
  3. Numbers: In this section, you will learn how numbers and integrals are used in Objective C development.
  4. Dates: In this section, you will learn about using date and time, and this data type in Objective C development through a 34-minute video tutorial.
  5. Loops, structures, and arrays: This topic will teach you about arrays and control flow, dictionaries, and NSSet. 
  6. Queries and Data: In this module, you will learn about getting started with storing data.
  7. Remote Data with JSON: This module covers a 44-minute video tutorial about using remote data with JSON.
  8. Ben Goes Full Speed: This is the final course module, and in this section, a complete course overview will be covered, and a summary of the topics discussed in each module will be briefed. 

By the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of using Objective C for software development.

Here is a comparison table of the Objective C courses mentioned above. 

Course/ programCostLevelDurationStudy mode
Foundations of Objective C App DevelopmentFreeBeginner / Intermediate / Advanced15 hoursOnline
iOS 11 and Objective-C - Complete Developer Course$19.99Advanced25 hours and 36 minutesOnline
Learning Objective C Programming$44.99Beginner6 hours and 19 minutesOnline
A Tour of Objective - C for .NET DevelopersFreeIntermediate5 hoursOnline

The provided table delineates differences among Objective-C courses in terms of duration, costs, and prerequisite skills. The course cost is contingent on factors such as the learning platform, study format, and duration. When selecting an Objective-C course, it is essential to factor in your proficiency level, financial considerations, and career objectives. This approach aids in pinpointing the most suitable Objective-C course tailored to your specific needs.


In conclusion, enrolling in an Objective-C course in 2023 presents a valuable opportunity to advance your career. With appropriate training, you can augment your skills as an Objective-C developer and participate in compelling projects. Whether you are a novice or an adept programmer, there are numerous courses and certification programs available to enhance your expertise in Objective-C development.

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