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Objective-C Developer Pay Insights: An Hourly Rates Guide for Developers

The average hourly wage for an Objective C Developer in the United States stands at $59.19. Most Objective C Developers earn between $34.38 and $76.92, representing the 25th to 75th percentile, respectively, across the nation.

 It is important to be aware of the current rates for the skill before you start to hire Objective C developers for your project. Whether you’re a seasoned Objective-C developer assessing your market worth or an employer planning to hire for iOS/macOS development projects, this guide provides a comprehensive view of the current compensation trends in this specialized field.

The Average Hourly Rate for Objective-C Developers Revealed

Across the three platforms, ZipRecruiter consistently offers lower salary estimates than Glassdoor for all experience levels of Objective-C developers, while PayScale tends to provide the lowest figures. Glassdoor often suggests slightly higher rates, especially for junior and mid-level developers. The differences between the platforms become less pronounced at the senior developer level, but the pattern remains consistent.

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How Much Does an Objective-C Dev Make Worldwide?

RegionAverage Hourly Rate (USD)
North America$34 to $76
South America$20 to $35
Western Europe$30 to $70
Eastern Europe$25 to $45
Australia$32 to $74
Asia$15 to $30
Africa$10 to $22

North America tends to command the highest hourly rates for Objective-C developers, closely followed by Australia and Western Europe. Eastern Europe and South America present moderate rates, while Asia and Africa typically offer the most economical options. These rates reflect broad generalizations and might differ based on the specific country, urban versus rural locations, and the experience and specialization of the developer.

Statistics from talent.com suggest that even in the United States, the hourly rate obtained by an Objective C developer varies according to the state. The highest salary is obtained by developers in Arizona followed by developers in Florida, Georgia, New York, Texas, and Pennsylvania coming in sixth place.

Further,  talent.com details that in the United States, the average hourly rate for an Objective C developer is $64.90 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $56.25 per hour, while the most experienced workers can earn up to $86.54 per hour.

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Weighing Objective-C Hourly Rates Against Other Programming Languages

Programming LanguageAverage Hourly Rate (USD)
Python$43 - $67
JavaScript$45 - $67
SQL$37 - $56
Java$48 - $63
PHP$44 - $58
C#$37 - $59
TypeScript$53 - $64
Scala$50 - $66
R$30 - $52
Golang$38 - $61
Swift$50 - $69

Python, JavaScript, and Java have closely matched hourly rates. TypeScript and Scala also show a similar trend in compensation, with Swift slightly ahead, marking it among the top earners. PHP, C#, and Golang hover around the mid-range, whereas SQL and R generally present the more economical options among the listed languages. 

It’s evident that newer or more specialized languages like Swift, Objective-C, and Scala command competitive rates, while mainstream languages like JavaScript and Java maintain strong earning potentials.


This blog post provides an in-depth look at the compensation trends for developers proficient in Objective-C. It underscores how a developer’s experience, location, and the intricacies of the projects they work on can affect their hourly rates. This guide is an essential resource for Objective-C developers looking to understand their financial prospects and for employers seeking to budget appropriately for their development needs. Overall, it reflects the enduring relevance of Objective-C in the tech industry, highlighting the current pay scales and offering valuable insights into the economic aspects of this established programming language.

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