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Cashing in on Vue.js: Unveiling the Annual Developer Salary Stats

According to ZipRecruiter, Vue.js Developers in the United States have an average annual salary of $143,000. Most salaries for this position are clustered between $120,000, which represents the 25th percentile, and $149,000, marking the 75th percentile. 

The Average Earnings of a Vue.js Developer Revealed

When comparing the average annual salary rates across platforms for vue.js developers, ZipRecruiter consistently presents the highest figures for all experience levels. Glassdoor and offer similar lower-end estimates, especially for Junior and Mid-Level Developers., on the other hand, falls in the middle, leaning closer to ZipRecruiter’s higher estimates, particularly for Senior Developers. Overall, there’s a notable disparity between the highest and lowest estimates on these platforms.

How Location Transforms a Vue.js Developer’s Paycheck

RegionAverage Annual Salary (USD)
North America$110,000 - $130,000
South America$40,000 - $60,000
Western Europe$90,000 - $110,000
Eastern Europe$50,000 - $70,000
Australia$100,000 - $120,000
Asia$35,000 - $55,000
Africa$30,000 - $50,000

Vue.js developers in North America receive the highest annual salaries, with Australia and Western Europe following closely behind. Eastern Europe offers moderate salary ranges, sitting between Western Europe’s higher figures and the lower salaries seen in South America, Asia, and Africa. South America, Asia, and Africa offer the most affordable rates for Vue.js developer services, with Africa presenting the most economical salaries.

Vue.js Salaries in Comparison to Other JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript FrameworkAverage Annual Salary (USD)
AngularJS$104,500 - $133,500
ReactJS$106,000 - $157,000
Node.js$108,500 - $153,000
Next.js$108,000 - $146,000
Express.js$99,088 - $146,735
Ember.js$96,000 - $142,000
Svelte$79,500 - $127,000
Meteor$76,000 - $125,000
Gatsby$107,000 - $140,000

Developers proficient in ReactJS typically have the potential to command the highest salaries among the JavaScript frameworks listed. Node.js follows closely, while Vue.js stands out with a strong average salary range. 

Both Next.js and Express.js have similar earning potentials, landing in the mid-tier. AngularJS, while still competitive, has a slightly narrower range than Vue.js and Node.js. Ember.js and Gatsby are fairly aligned in their pay scales. Svelte and Meteor, on the other hand, tend to have lower average salaries when compared to the majority of the other frameworks..

Comparing Developer Paychecks Across Popular Frameworks

FrameworkAverage Annual Salary (USD)
Django$106,500 - $139,000
Laravel$103,000 - $143,500
Ruby on Rails$113,000 - $152,500
ASP.NET$80,000 - $135,000
CodeIgniter$60,000 - $131,000
Phalcon$105,000 - $138,000
Yii$91,500 - $120,500
Symfony$106,000 - $157,000

Symfony appears to offer the highest earning potential among the frameworks listed, closely trailed by Ruby on Rails. Django, Laravel, and Phalcon all present competitive average salary ranges, with Laravel having a slightly broader span. ASP.NET and Yii sit in the mid-range, with ASP.NET offering a bit more upward potential. Interestingly, despite its popularity, CodeIgniter offers the lowest average salary when compared to the other frameworks in this list.

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