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Average Salary in Argentina for Software Engineers: A Comprehensive Insight of Annual Salaries of Software Developers:

In the vibrant and evolving world of technology, understanding the landscape of software developer salaries in Argentina is important. As we explore the annual income trends for these tech professionals, it’s evident that the software developer salaries in Argentina are influenced by various factors including experience, location, and demand within the industry. This introduction serves as a gateway to comprehensively understanding the dynamics of software developer salaries in Argentina, providing key insights into what drives these figures in a competitive and ever-changing market.

1. An Average Annual Overview of Argentina’s Software Developer Salaries


According to PayScale, the average base salary for a software developer is approximately 737,341 ARS per year. The salary range varies significantly, starting from a low of around 63,000 ARS (representing the 10th percentile) to a high of nearly 2,000,000 ARS (at the 90th percentile). Additionally, bonuses can further augment a developer’s income, ranging from 58,000 ARS to 153,000 ARS. 





2. Exploring the Average Monthly Salary of Software Developers in Argentina


According to Salary Explorer in Argentina, software developer salaries demonstrate a wide spectrum. Starting from 22,500 ARS and peaking at 73,600 ARS, these figures showcase the diverse earning potential within this field. The median salary stands at 44,100 ARS, indicating that half of the software developers earn below this level, while the other half surpasses it. 

A segmented view of these salaries provides a better understanding. Notably, a significant portion, about 65%, earns between 27,100 ARS to 38,600 ARS. Around 20% earn below 27,100 ARS, and 10% fall in the 38,600 ARS to 43,800 ARS bracket, with only a small fraction, 5%, earning above 43,800 ARS. This categorization offers a clearer picture of the software developer salaries in Argentina, moving beyond mere averages to a more detailed salary distribution.






3. Software Developer Salaries by Experience: An Annual Breakdown


PayScale data reveals varied software developer salaries in Argentina based on experience. Entry-level developers with under a year of experience can anticipate an average total compensation of around 360,000. Those in their early career, with 1-4 years of experience, see an average compensation of 473,924. Mid-career developers, having 5-9 years of experience, earn about $600,000 on average. Interestingly, experienced software developers with 10-19 years in the field typically receive a total compensation of approximately 589,581.

Initially, individuals in the early stages of their careers experience a steady rise in their compensation as they gain experience. This upward trajectory continues until the mid-career stage. Interestingly, there is a slight plateau or decrease in salary once developers reach a higher level of experience, indicating a more complex salary dynamic at later career stages. This pattern underscores the evolving nature of value and demand for software development skills over the course of a professional’s career in Argentina.

Years of ExperienceAverage Annual Salary (ARS)
0 - 1 Year360,000
1 - 4 Years473,924
5 - 9 Years600,000
10 - 19 Years589,581





4. Average Salary Increment of Software Developers in Argentina


According to Salary Explorer in Argentina, those in the software development field can expect their salaries to increase by an average of 12% approximately every 19 months. This trend in software developer salaries stands out when compared to the broader national average, where a 9% salary increase is typical across all professions, occurring every 17 months. This distinction underscores the unique market demand and value attributed to software developer roles in Argentina.




5. Comparison of  Software Developer Salaries in Argentina Vs the United States


According to Glassdoor comparing monthly salaries for software developers, the United States and Argentina present distinct figures. In the U.S. the base monthly salary approximates to $8,798, with additional compensation potentially adding around $557 per month. In contrast, in Argentina, a software developer earns approximately $1,788 per month (ARS 353,000) as a base salary, with additional pay reaching about $2,532 per month (ARS 500,000). This contrast highlights the substantial difference in software developer salaries between the two countries on a monthly basis.

Annually, the salary comparison further illustrates these disparities. In the United States, the total estimated annual pay for a software developer stands at $112,262, including a base salary of $105,574 and an estimated additional pay of $6,688. Meanwhile, in Argentina, the estimated total pay comes to approximately $51,840 (ARS 853,000), with a base annual salary of roughly $21,456 (ARS 353,000) and additional annual pay estimated at around $30,384 (ARS 500,000). These figures provide a clear perspective on the annual earning potential of software developers in the United States versus Argentina. Here is a helpful guide on how to hire Latin American developers to simplify the process for you. 


Argentina – Average Monthly Salary



USA – Average Annual Salary





6. Regional Variations in Software Developer Salaries Across Argentina


Software Developer Salaries across different regions in Argentina show a notable variation, reflecting the diverse economic landscapes within the country:


RegionAverage Annual Salary (ARS)
Buenos Aires350,000


  1. Buenos Aires: In the capital city, the average annual salary for a software developer is around 350,000. Buenos Aires, as the country’s largest city and economic hub, tends to offer higher salaries due to a concentration of businesses and tech companies.


  1. Cordoba: The average annual salary for software developers in Cordoba is approximately 197,016. As the second-largest city in Argentina, Cordoba has a growing tech industry, but the salaries are comparatively lower than in Buenos Aires.


  1. Rosario: In Rosario, the average annual salary for software developers stands at about 170,000. This figure is lower than in both Buenos Aires and Cordoba, reflecting the regional economic differences within Argentina.


  1. Mendoza: Software developers in Mendoza earn an average annual salary of around 158,439. Despite being a significant region, Mendoza’s tech industry is smaller compared to Buenos Aires and Cordoba, which is reflected in the salary figures.

According to Glassdoor, it’s clear that Buenos Aires offers the highest average salaries for software developers, which is likely due to its status as the economic and tech hub of the country. Cordoba and Rosario, while having significant tech industries, offer lower salaries in comparison. Mendoza, known more for its industries other than tech, presents the lowest average salaries among these regions. This variation in software developer salaries across Argentina underscores the impact of regional economic factors and the concentration of tech industries in determining salary scales.


7. Comparing Software Developer Salaries Across Latin American Countries

Comparing the average annual salaries of software developers across various Latin American countries, we observe a range of compensation levels. Colombia leads in this group with the highest average salary. Brazil follows closely behind, with Mexico’s average salary being slightly lower. Chile, while offering competitive compensation, stands at the lower end among these countries. This comparison highlights the diverse economic landscapes and the varying value placed on software development skills across Latin America.


CountryAverage Annual Salary (USD)


8. Salary Ranges for Key Skills in Software Development


SkillAverage Annual Salary (USD)
C#$109,882 - $127,922
.NET$107,250 - $159,516
Java$103,773 - $136,295
JavaScript$102,712 - 116,253
Ruby$110,597 - $$152,553
PHP$83,916 - $121,719
React.js$105,791 - $144,876
Node.js$110,310 - $$128,881


When considering software developer salaries in Argentina, it’s evident that expertise in specific programming languages and technologies can greatly influence earning potential. 

According to Glassdoor, developers proficient in C# typically see salaries in the upper range, similar to those skilled in Ruby and Node.js, indicating a strong market demand for these skills. .NET developers also command high salaries, possibly due to the widespread use of this framework in enterprise applications.

Java, a long-standing cornerstone in the software development industry, offers competitive salaries, which is reflective of its enduring relevance in the tech world. JavaScript, an essential language for web development, also provides robust earning opportunities, though slightly lower than Java.

React.js, a popular front-end library, shows a promising salary range, likely due to its dominance in modern web development. PHP, while offering lower salary figures compared to other skills, still holds a significant place, especially in web development and content management systems.

Overall, these salary ranges reflect the diverse demand for different programming skills in Argentina’s tech industry, showcasing the value placed on specialized knowledge and experience in various software development domains.


9. Influential Factors Shaping Software Developer Salaries in Argentina


Factors influencing software developer salaries in Argentina include:

  1. Experience Level: More experienced developers typically earn higher salaries.
  2. Skill Set: Specialized skills in high-demand areas can lead to increased pay.
  3. Education: Higher educational qualifications often translate to better salaries.
  4. Industry Demand: High demand for developers in certain industries can drive up salaries.
  5. Company Size and Type: Larger or international companies might offer higher salaries.
  6. Location: Salaries can vary significantly between different cities or regions.
  7. Economic Conditions: The overall economic climate of Argentina affects salary levels.
  8. Market Trends: Emerging technologies and trends can influence the demand and pay for specific skills.


10. Top 10 Advantages of Hiring Software Developers in Argentina


  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Hiring software developers in Argentina can be more economical compared to other regions.
  2. Skilled Talent Pool: Argentina boasts a wealth of highly skilled software developers.
  3. Time Zone Alignment: Argentina’s time zone is convenient for collaboration with American and European companies.
  4. Language Proficiency: Many Argentine developers are proficient in English, easing communication.
  5. Cultural Similarity: Argentina shares many cultural aspects with Western countries, making collaboration smoother.
  6. Innovative Mindset: Argentine developers are known for their creativity and innovative approach to problem-solving.
  7. Education System: Argentina’s education system produces well-trained tech professionals.
  8. Flexible Work Ethic: Argentine developers often demonstrate a flexible and adaptable work ethic.
  9. Growing Tech Industry: The tech industry in Argentina is rapidly growing, offering a rich environment for development.
  10. Government Support: The Argentine government often provides support and incentives for the tech sector, enhancing the overall ecosystem.


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11. Frequently Asked Questions


Here are 12 frequently asked questions and their answers regarding the annual salaries of software developers in Argentina:


  1. What is the average salary of a software developer in Argentina?

   – The average annual salary varies by experience level, ranging from $28,197 to $82,530, with junior developers at the lower end and senior developers at the higher end.


  1. What is the starting salary for a software developer in Argentina?

   – Entry-level software developers can expect a starting salary between $21,676 and $38,514.


  1. Where does the salary data come from?

   – The data is sourced from TECLA’s extensive recruitment experience and comprehensive compensation database over ten years in Latin America.


  1. How does experience affect a software developer’s salary in Argentina?

   – Experience significantly impacts salaries, with higher experience levels generally commanding higher pay.


  1. Are there regional differences in software developer salaries within Argentina?

   – Yes, salaries can vary based on location, with major cities often offering higher salaries than smaller towns.


  1. Do software developer salaries in Argentina differ by industry?

   – Salaries can vary depending on the industry, with some sectors paying more than others.


  1. What additional benefits are common for software developers in Argentina?

   – Benefits may include bonuses, health insurance, and retirement plans, vary by company.


  1. How do software developer salaries in Argentina compare to other Latin American countries?

   – Salaries in Argentina are competitive but may differ from other countries based on economic factors and market demand.


  1. Can software developers in Argentina negotiate their salaries?

   – Yes, like in many professions, salary negotiation is common and can be influenced by skill set and experience.


  1. What skills are most in demand for software developers in Argentina?

    – Skills in emerging technologies and programming languages are highly sought after.


  1. How does the cost of living in Argentina impact software developer salaries?

    – The cost of living can influence salary levels, with higher costs potentially leading to higher salaries.


  1. What future trends are expected for software developer salaries in Argentina?

    – Salaries are expected to evolve with market trends, technological advancements, and economic changes.




The annual salaries for software developers in Argentina are as diverse as the industry itself. Influenced by factors such as specific technical skills, experience levels, and geographic location, these salaries reflect the dynamic and evolving Argentine tech landscape. From bustling Buenos Aires to other regions, the compensation varies, highlighting the importance of understanding the local market. For both aspiring and experienced software developers in Argentina, staying abreast of industry trends and demands is key to navigating and capitalizing on this varied salary landscape. This overview of software developer salaries in Argentina offers a glimpse into the opportunities and considerations within this vibrant tech sector. Clouddevs offers a pool of multi-talented software developers in Argentina for your every need. Contact us to find out more information. 

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