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Hire TypeScript Developers In 2023

TypeScript has gained significant popularity as a versatile language for cross-platform application development, especially with the growing reliance of businesses on technology and applications. Given TypeScript’s approach of “write once, use anywhere,” there is a heightened demand for skilled TypeScript developers, making them a sought-after asset in the realm of app development. This is the main reason why you should consider Typescript for your software development project and to hire Typescript developer in 2023.

15 Websites to Hire TypeScript Developers 

Swiftly hiring proficient TypeScript developers from a software development company can pose a challenge. Since TypeScript is relatively newer compared to more established technologies, there may not be as many developers with extensive experience in this domain. The positive aspect is that we have compiled an exhaustive list of the top 15 websites for recruiting TypeScript developers for your project. After reading this concise 8-minute guide, you will have a clear understanding of the best company to select based on its unique features, pricing, and advantages.


1. CloudDevs – Top Pick – Hire TypeScript Developers from Your Timezone within 24 Hours 


CloudDevs stands out as a specialized online marketplace catering to freelance developers predominantly based in Latin America. This unique focus eliminates the need to sift through candidates who may not align with your specific requirements, as the company takes an active role in vetting its talent pool. This targeted approach proves particularly advantageous when in search of skilled TypeScript developers.

When it comes to hiring TypeScript developers, Cloud Devs offers a reduced risk factor through its meticulous vetting process. This ensures that you can connect with developers who possess the expertise you are seeking in the TypeScript domain. This adaptability makes Cloud Devs an ideal choice for those seeking vetted talent with a focus on the TypeScript language, within the regional context of Latin America. 

Cloud Devs is one of the prominent developer platforms providing developers from Latin America who match your timezone in 24 hours. What’s unique about CloudDevs is that if you are not happy with the developer, you can get a replacement or a refund.

Pricing: The platform provides the flexibility to engage TypeScript experts on an hourly basis or explore the option of hiring a full-time candidate. Developers are assigned within 24 hours.

2. – Home – Unicorn Dev


Unicorn Devs adopts an innovative approach in the tech landscape, drawing clients globally. A standout feature at Unicorn Devs is its commitment to a flat hourly rate, enabling you to strategize and establish an exact budget for your project. The platform actively provides a globally distributed talent pool that is available with a working time overlap of 4 hours daily. All developers at Unicorn Devs undergo a 5 step vetting process.

Unicorn Devs provide the opportunity to buy off talent from the talent. This means if you have found a developer with whom you would like to work with, then you can even buy him off the platform.

Pricing: At Unicorn Devs, a senior TypeScript developer is required to have a minimum of 5 years of experience, and the platform maintains a straightforward pricing structure, charging a minimum of $40 per hour. Developers are assigned within 24 hours.


3. Upwork – Find Typescript Devs for Hire


Founded in 2013 through the merger of Elance and oDesk, Upwork has solidified its position as a heavyweight in the freelance marketplace industry, boasting an expansive talent pool of over 145,000 freelancers. This diverse ecosystem includes a variety of professionals, among them, TypeScript developers, capable of addressing the specific needs of your company.

It’s essential to be aware, however, that Upwork does not heavily prioritize the vetting process for its freelancers. Consequently, the responsibility for screening and ensuring quality assurance largely rests with the client. While Upwork offers a vast selection, potential clients should be prepared to invest time in evaluating and selecting the right TypeScript developer for their project.

Despite the onus on clients for vetting, Upwork provides a dynamic platform where you can find TypeScript developers with varying levels of expertise and experience. This diversity allows you to tailor your search based on project complexity, budget constraints, and specific skill requirements. With diligence in the selection process, Upwork can serve as a valuable resource for connecting with TypeScript developers suited to your unique project parameters.

Pricing: The rate for the project is charged by the developer, and according to per-hour basis. You can hire freelance developers right away.


4. Turing – Hire the Best Typescript Developers Online stands out as a technology services company utilizing AI to assist businesses in creating innovative products through custom application development and on-demand TypeScript engineers. With an impressive network of almost 3 million engineers, Turing has supported over 900 companies in their pursuits of customized engineering solutions and on-demand talent. As the world’s inaugural AI-powered tech services company, Turing also extends remote job opportunities, offering a distinctive blend of expert consultants, engineering talent, and AI-driven delivery to expedite project completion.

With a notable 95% trial success rate, Turing ensures the formation of smarter, more productive teams. Achieving a 97% engagement success rate, they consistently deliver accelerated results with enhanced efficiency. Leveraging 125+ combined years of experience, Turing brings forth truly transformative outcomes. Having attracted 2 million+ developers from 150 countries, Turing provides opportunities across 15+ job types and 100+ technologies. Their focus on custom application development and on-demand software engineering services aids businesses in building products effectively. For those interested in hiring deeply vetted TypeScript developers or exploring job opportunities, detailed information can be found on their website.

Pricing: There is no upfront cost, and the developers negotiate their fee. You can hire developers according to availability.

5. Toptal – The Best Freelance TypeScript Developers


Toptal is a renowned global platform that links businesses with top-tier freelance talent across diverse industries and skill sets, and this includes skilled TypeScript developers. With a rigorous screening process, Toptal ensures that you connect with the top 3% of developers globally.

Their extensive network of professionals allows you to hire TypeScript developers with diverse backgrounds and a range of skill sets. The hiring process is straightforward and quick – you submit your project requirements, and Toptal’s team efficiently matches you with developers who best suit your needs. Toptal provides customized services to aid businesses in finding and hiring outstanding talent, complemented by 24/7 support.

Toptal’s pricing model for TypeScript developers is flexible, offering options for both hourly and fixed bases. This flexibility empowers you to choose the most suitable pricing option aligned with your budget and project requirements.

Pricing: Toptal tailors its costs to individual client needs and the scope of each TypeScript development project. You can hire available developers right away.


6. Freelancer – Find and Hire Freelance Typescript Devs is a website that links businesses with freelancers for a range of jobs like websites, IT, mobile, writing, design, data entry, engineering, product sourcing, sales, marketing, and more. They provide various services, including looking at freelancers’ previous work, getting cost estimates, making secure payments, and collaborating with millions of skilled freelancers. With a global community of over 60 million freelancers, you can find trustworthy professionals by reviewing their work samples and reading their profile reviews. is an excellent platform for discovering and bidding on freelance jobs and projects in different categories.

Pricing: has a payment system that ensures you only pay for the work once it’s finished and meets your satisfaction. You can hire any freelance developer who bids on your project. CloudDevs provides a TypeScript Developer job description guide to help you understand Typescript dev roles better. 


7. ProCoders – Experienced TypeScript Developers for Hire


ProCodersTech is an IT out-staffing company that offers IT outsourcing services to businesses. They provide a variety of services, including developing custom applications, creating AI solutions, offering a team as a service, staff augmentation, and discovery phase services. To ensure quality, they employ a thorough 4-stage interview process to select the best engineers for their clients. Their TypeScript developers are not only fluent in English but also possess substantial experience and expertise in their respective fields.

ProCodersTech is dedicated to building exceptional development teams that can handle specific tasks or initiate R&D projects for their clients. They present flexible solutions, whether you are looking to establish a team from scratch or enhance your existing IT staff. The company prioritizes collaboration with clients, aiming for accuracy, consistency, and timeliness in information sharing. They have established a comprehensive system to manage risks related to data security, adhering to the best practices and principles outlined in the International Standard.

With a track record of bringing over 150 products to life, ProCodersTech has accumulated extensive experience. 

Pricing: You can hire developers on a monthly basis, and there is a price calculator on their website that allows you to calculate the cost. You can also contact ProCoders’ support team for price estimates.


8. Arc – Hire Top TypeScript Developers stands as a remote career platform that establishes connections between carefully vetted developers and companies seeking remote talent. The platform provides an array of services, encompassing portfolio browsing, obtaining quotes, secure payment transactions, and collaboration with millions of proficient freelancers. With a vast global network of over 60 million quality freelancers, ensures that users can discover trustworthy professionals by reviewing past work samples and reading profile reviews. The inclusion of a milestone payment system guarantees that users pay only for completed work, ensuring 100% satisfaction with the quality. serves as an excellent hub for discovering and bidding on freelance jobs and projects across diverse categories. Specifically for Typescript developers, is renowned for offering a pool of skilled and reliable professionals adept in Typescript development. Aspiring to meet the specific needs of clients,’s platform facilitates an efficient and secure hiring process for Typescript developers. 

Pricing: developers charge from $60 – $100+ per hour. Developers are assigned within 72 hours. 

9. Webflow – Hire freelance typescript developers is a user-friendly platform for building custom websites without needing to write any code. It also lets you hire skilled TypeScript developers from its design community for your projects. You can check out each developer’s profile, find someone suitable for your needs, and start working together. offers various services like making custom applications and AI solutions. They have a careful interview process to pick the best developers who are good at English and have lots of experience.

Their goal is to create excellent development teams for specific tasks or projects. Whether you want to build a new team or add to your existing one, they are flexible and work closely with you for accurate and timely information. They take data security seriously, following the best practices and standards. 

Pricing: Once you have published your project, the website with suggest developers and then you can hire the one you like. The charge depends on the developer, and you can hire available developers right away. 

CloudDevs provides a TypeScript developer interview questions guide to smoothen your hiring process. 


10. Xperti – Hire Skilled TypeScript Developers for Your Next Project is an exclusive online community of carefully vetted technology experts, dedicated to assisting project leaders in finding the ideal staff for their organization’s strategic technology initiatives. This community boasts a remarkable 5000 top 1% tech talent, along with global tech hiring experts, making the process of hiring remote TypeScript developers a seamless and efficient experience. stands out by providing access to thoroughly vetted resources from various corners of the globe, ensuring a diverse pool of top-tier talent. For TypeScript developers, offers a platform where you can showcase your expertise and connect with project leaders seeking your specific skills. Whether you are an experienced TypeScript developer or someone looking to hire one, facilitates a smooth and reliable process.

Their range of services includes not only connecting developers with opportunities but also offering features such as portfolio browsing, cost estimation, secure payment transactions, and collaboration with a multitude of skilled freelancers. 

Pricing: The developer is free to choose his rate, and the hiring process takes 72 hours. 

You can read about the hourly rate of a TypeScript developer in the United States on our website. 


11. Optymize – Hire Expert TypeScript Devs 


Optymize is a global technical talent marketplace connecting companies with verified remote engineers having strong technical and communication skills in their timezone. They offer services like custom application development, AI solutions, team-as-a-service, staff augmentation, and discovery phase. Optymize selects top TypeScript developers who are not only the best coders but also are fluent in English and highly experienced.

With a mission to create exceptional development teams, Optymize provides flexible solutions for forming new teams or expanding existing IT staff. They prioritize close collaboration with clients for accurate and timely information exchange. Committed to data security, Optymize follows international standards and best practices.

Pricing: Developers charge according to the project, and developers can be hired within 48 hours.


12. – TypeScript Developers To Hire


Proxify is a platform designed to connect businesses with remote developers, offering a range of opportunities for TypeScript developers. These include roles in custom application development, AI solution development, team-as-a-service, staff augmentation, and discovery phase initiatives. 

For TypeScript developers, Proxify presents a mission to curate outstanding development teams tailored for specific tasks or R&D projects. Whether you are looking to join a new team or enhance your skills in an existing IT staff, Proxify provides flexible solutions. Their collaborative approach with clients emphasizes accuracy, consistency, and timely information exchange.

Pricing: Developers on Proxify charge according to an hourly rate, and developers can be hired within 48 hours.

13. Guru – TypeScript Freelancers for Hire


Established back in 1998, Guru stands out as a robust platform with a wide array of skilled TypeScript developers ready to assist in crafting custom cross-platform applications tailored to your business needs. The hiring process on Guru is remarkably flexible and hassle-free, allowing you to find the perfect TypeScript developer – whether for on-site or remote work – in just 72 hours.

Guru boasts an impressive 99% customer satisfaction rate from a substantial client base exceeding 800,000. Hiring a seasoned TypeScript software developer is straightforward on Guru – you post your project details, and qualified developers swiftly submit proposals. To simplify your decision-making process, the platform even offers managed hiring services.

Ensuring secure transactions, Guru provides a payment system called SafePay. This feature guarantees a smooth and safe financial interaction between you and your chosen TypeScript developer. With its extensive developer pool, user-friendly interface, and secure payment system, Guru proves to be an excellent platform for hiring TypeScript developers promptly.

Pricing: In terms of pricing, the cost varies based on developer expertise, experience, and project requirements. Guru charges a 2.9% handling fee on the invoice amount.


14. Ellow – Hire Typescript developers with Ease Online


Ellow stands as a global talent marketplace connecting businesses with the top 3% of freelance developers, with a specific focus on opportunities for TypeScript developers. Employing an AI + Human-based system, Ellow ensures quality through a thorough vetting process, providing a reliable platform for TypeScript professionals. With a diverse talent pool spanning various industries, Ellow assists companies in scaling and staying competitive.

For TypeScript developers, Ellow offers a spectrum of services, including custom application development, AI solution development, team-as-a-service, staff augmentation, and discovery phase initiatives.

Pricing: You can request a quote on for the developer you wish to hire, and the hiring process takes 48 hours. You can read about the annual salary of a TypeScript dev for more info. 


15. – Find TypeScript experts for Hire is a  platform that is dedicated to connecting developers including TypeScript developers with businesses who need their service. provides flexible engagements, and support from a manager, and also hosts a list of talented typescript developers who match your project requirements. The platform employs a 3 stage vetting process to select the best developers, ensuring they are proficient in English, possess significant experience, and have excellent skills.

For Typescript developers, offers opportunities to join development teams for specific tasks and R&D projects. Hence, emphasizing close collaboration with the client, ensures information accuracy, consistency, and timely communication.

Pricing: The developer charges for the project, and developers can be hired within 13 days or less.



To wrap up, Typescript applications stand out for their enhanced responsiveness compared to other applications, and thanks to their simplicity, many developers find it quite easy to study and work with. 

The widespread adoption, robust capabilities, and cost-effectiveness of Typescript have intensified the competition in hiring developers proficient in this technology. In response to this high demand, many online platforms offer developers for hire elevating salary offers and benefits. With this said, although Typescript is known for its easy learning curve, securing a job as a TypeScript developer sure is a distinct challenge. Read our complete TypeScriot Developer hiring guide to hire like a pro. Clouddevs offers ease of hiring and the best developers in the field. 

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