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Top 15 Vue Developer Sites

As businesses increasingly pivot towards technology, the demand for skilled developers is more critical than ever, especially in the realm of Vue.js. Vue.js, a progressive JavaScript framework, has gained prominence for its simplicity and flexibility in crafting modern web applications. The process of hiring Vue developers who are both skilled and experienced has become a pivotal challenge. 

Top 15 Sites to hite Vue Developers in 2024


To streamline your journey, this guide unveils the top 15 websites to hire Vue developers in 2024. We have included insights into platform features, pricing, and unique advantages, to help you make informed decisions tailored to your software development needs using Vue as the primary JavaScript framework in 2024. 


1. CloudDevs: Hire Vue Developers from Your Timezone in a Day


CloudDevs excels in hiring Vue developers, drawing from the top 5% of remote talents in Latin America and Europe to serve global businesses. Their thorough five-stage screening process guarantees the provision of high-quality Vue developers to clients within 24 hours. CloudDevs stands out by offering a 1-week free trial to ensure client satisfaction. The screening process evaluates candidates not only for coding skills but also for English proficiency. With options for both full-time and part-time hiring, CloudDevs caters to the diverse project needs of its clients. Consider CloudDevs when looking to hire Vue developers for top-notch development projects.

Pricing:  Vue developers charge from $45 – $70 per hour, and developers can be hired within 24 hours.


2. – Find and Hire Talented Vue.js Developers stands out as the go-to platform for hiring Vue developers. With millions of freelance jobs and a vast pool of skilled freelancers, it’s a massive marketplace connecting recruiters with top-notch tech professionals. Among the coding specialists available, Vue developers showcase their expertise alongside Android, iOS, and Swift developers. Despite the abundance of talent, ensures satisfaction with a guarantee, making the hiring process reassuring. Trusted by renowned brands like Amazon, Facebook, IBM, Airbus, and NASA, provides round-the-clock support and allows payment post full satisfaction. Recruiters can track progress through their convenient time tracker and mobile app.

Pricing: Developers set their rates and hiring can be done immediately.


3. Gigster – Vue Devs For Hire



Gigster, a trusted partner for global enterprises, excels in connecting businesses with highly skilled Vue developers. Hailing from renowned institutions like Google, Microsoft, Y Combinator, and Stanford University, Gigster’s Vue developers showcase exceptional expertise. With its headquarters in San Francisco, Gigster’s elite team is dedicated to crafting transformative software solutions and spearheading digital transformation. Their approach involves elastic staffing, and dynamically adjusting skill combinations to mitigate project risks. For those looking to elevate their projects, Gigster offers flexible staffing solutions guided by data-driven processes. Consider Gigster to hire Vue developers and unlock top-tier development skills.

Pricing: You can receive a quote from Gigster.


4. Guru – Freelance Vue.js Developers for for Hire 



Guru simplifies the connection between employers and freelancers, fostering flexible and secure collaboration. It stands as a reliable, cost-effective platform to hire Vue developers globally. With a 99 percent satisfaction rate, 24/7 support, diverse payment options, and flexible hiring plans, Guru emerges as a wise choice for recruiters seeking skilled Vue developers. The platform boasts a substantial talent pool, housing over 500,000 expert freelance software developers. Interested recruiters can review portfolios and make informed comparisons, benefiting from various payment options, flexible recruitment plans, and continuous support.

Pricing: Pricing depends on the developer you hire, and you can request for a free quote.


5. X team – Hire Top Freelance Vue.js Developers 



Since 2006, X-Team has been the go-to for leading brands seeking to expand their development teams. Trusted by renowned names like Fox Broadcasting, Twitter, Dell, and Discovery, X-Team excels in connecting employers with top-tier developer talent worldwide. Their Vue developers, known for their exceptional skills, are a key asset. X-Team stands out by providing a dedicated account manager and personalized contracts with convenient monthly billing options, making it a reliable job board for those looking to hire Vue developers and strengthen their development capabilities.

Pricing: You can request a direct quote from X-Team for hiring and pricing details. 

Here is a guide with Vue developer hourly rates you can refer to when planning your budget for  Vue.js developers


6. Proxify – Best Vue.js Developers To Hire In Two Days



Proxify, a rapidly expanding platform, connects European-based technology companies with skilled Vue developers. It provides a freelance working setup, enabling individuals to earn foreign exchange income while working with cutting-edge technologies. The platform boasts an environment filled with expert developers dedicated to their craft, ensuring business continuity. With a flexible working setup managed through the system’s Panel, Proxify offers an ideal space for hiring Vue developers looking to contribute their skills to dynamic projects and collaborate with seasoned professionals in the field.

Pricing: Vue developers charge from €31 – €90 per hour and developers can be hired within 2 days.


7. Topal – Best Freelance Vue.js Developers for Hire 


Established in 2010, Toptal is a premier online platform for hiring talented developers. Recognized for its stringent selection process, only the top 3 percent of freelancers join this elite network. Toptal proudly features highly skilled Vue.js Developers, adept at crafting web interfaces for desktop and mobile apps using diverse frameworks. Renowned businesses and startups opt for Toptal’s Vue.js developers for crucial software projects. Offering a risk-free trial, Toptal stands out as the preferred choice for recruiters seeking professional Vue.js developers, ensuring flexible scaling, quick interviews, and access to a global talent pool.

Pricing: Charges are customized according to the project scope and developers are assigned within 48 hours. 


8. Ellow – Find and Hire Vue js developer With Ease



Ellow stands out as a noteworthy developer platform connecting businesses with pre-vetted Vue developers. Boasting a user-friendly interface and a global network of adept developers, Ellow facilitates seamless access to top-tier talent for crafting high-quality software solutions, mobile applications, websites, and more. Their commitment to delivering the top 3% of global talent within 48 hours streamlines the hiring process. In just two years, Ellow has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies in diverse sectors, including blockchain, FinTech, EdTech, banking, and logistics. With a meticulous vetting process and an extensive database, Ellow offers comprehensive hiring, tracking, and management solutions for businesses looking to hire Vue developers.

Pricing: You can hire developers within 48 hours and pricing details can be obtained by requesting a quote.


9. – Top Vue.js Devs



Hired is a trusted global tech-recruitment platform spanning the United States, Canada, France, and the UK. Recognized for skillful Vue.js developers, Hired provides a specialized search algorithm, simplifying the hiring process for front-end software specialists, back-end engineers, IT project managers, and other developer talents. The platform offers flexible hiring options, and its AI search function saves businesses an average of 45 hours per hire. With an annual subscription, employers enjoy unlimited job posts, and developer profiles showcase preferred roles, desired salaries, and multiple skill assessment scores. Hired’s talent-matching service ensures swift and efficient hiring.

Pricing: You can receive a free quote.


10. Upwork – Expert Freelance Vue.js Developers For Hire



Upwork stands out as a widely-used platform for freelance hiring, particularly beneficial for those seeking short-term workers for small project management needs. However, the abundance of freelancers often results in a competitive environment, prompting low hourly rates to secure work. While this may seem advantageous to clients, the intense competition and reduced rates can compromise the quality of work. This scenario makes it challenging to identify high-caliber freelancers amidst numerous options. If the task involves straightforward work without demanding advanced technical skills, Upwork can be a resource for cost-effective and prompt worker hires. For specialized projects requiring expertise, seeking to hire Vue developers might be a more targeted approach.

Pricing: Developers set their rates and developers can be hired immediately according to availability.


11. Truelancer – Top Vuejs Freelancers for Hire



Truelancer stands out as a carefully curated freelance marketplace boasting over a million freelancers with diverse skill sets, including a multitude of highly skilled Vue.js Freelancers. Employers are empowered to seamlessly review and explore proposals, as well as peruse freelancer profiles and reviews. The platform provides the convenience for employers to compare, interview, and finalize their Vue.js developer candidates with ease. Truelancer prioritizes the peace of mind of employers by securely holding funds in Safe Deposit until the work is completed and approved, offering a 100 percent refund guarantee and dedicated customer support. For those seeking to hire Vue developers, Truelancer offers a reliable and efficient platform for connecting with skilled professionals.

Pricing: You can get a quote from the platform. 

Read this blog to help you with preparing accurate interview questions to hire Vue developers for your requirements.


12. Arc. dev – Hire Top Vue.js Developers stands out as a premier platform with a knack for connecting SaaS startups with top-tier pre-vetted developers. Trusted by industry giants like Spotify, Splice, HubSpot, and Verishop, Arc is a reliable choice for building development teams. Offering a pool of 200,000 qualified developers, the platform ensures quality through an extensive screening process, including manual profile screening, video introduction, technical interview, onboarding, and review. Hiring a contract developer takes approximately 72 hours, while permanent hires may take about two weeks, with a risk-free trial period of two weeks. Rates range from $60 to $200 per hour, and for permanent hires, fees are based on the candidate’s annual salary after the decision to hire. For businesses in need, is the go-to place to hire Vue developers.

Pricing: developers charge from $60 – $100+ on an hourly basis and developers are assigned within 72 hours. 


13. – Top-notch Vue JS developer for Hire



Dice, with its expansive network of over sixty million tech professionals, provides a seamless gateway for employers and recruiters to connect with a community of skilled and dedicated developers. When looking to hire Vue.js developers through Dice, the process is uncomplicated, benefitting from the fact that 92% of their candidates actively seek new career opportunities. Beyond candidate vetting, Dice empowers employers to execute targeted campaigns, leveraging features like social recruiting, email advertising, and resume access to attract the right Vue.js talents effectively.

Pricing: does not provide any information about pricing, however, you can contact them for more information.


14. Turing – Hire Vue.js Developers in 4 Days



Turing stands out as a reliable platform for startups looking to hire skilled software developers, offering a selection of 2 million candidates worldwide. With a risk-free 2-week trial, startups can find the best fit for their needs, hire a developer, and commence work within a week. Turing’s global outreach ensures connections with proficient developers in technologies like React, Node, Python, JAVA, ASP.Net, etc. The platform employs a thorough developer skill assessment to identify candidates suitable for the role, backed by a vetted AI source. 

Pricing: Charges range from $70 to $200 per hour, varying based on the seniority level of the developer and developers are assigned within 4 days.


15. Fiverr – Best Vue Developer Services To Buy Online



Fiverr, an online freelance marketplace founded in 2010 and headquartered in Israel, connects clients with creative professionals offering services such as writing and design. Known for its budget-friendly starting rate of $5, Fiverr hosts around three million services from freelancers on its platform. Those looking to hire Vue developers can explore the platform to find skilled professionals who can contribute to their projects.

Pricing: Developers set their rates and can be hired immediately.




In conclusion, navigating all these platforms to find the ideal Vue developer demands a strategic approach. CloudDevs’s Vue Developers Hiring Guide provides a valuable roadmap, spotlighting the top tips you should know when recruiting top-tier talent. Remember to consider factors like platform reputation, developer experience, and past client success stories. Evaluate the quality of talent, explore industry recognition, and meticulously compare cost estimates. With an eye on project management support, this guide equips you with the essential criteria to make an informed decision tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are writing a Vue developer job description to hire suitable talent or are searching for the average annual salaries of Vue developers to budget your projects accordingly, these guides by CloudDevs empower you to assemble a Vue development team poised for success in the dynamic landscape of 2023.

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